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Miniature bottle collection
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Daffy & Hippety hopper
Daffy & Hippety hopper
Hand painted Warner Bros mini bottles (Daffy=1977 Hippety=1976)
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 I am looking for information on a plate.  Stamped on the back is Galart Sydney Hand Painted and on the front is a painting of a saxophone player.  I cannot find anything like this online.  Can anyone assist? Thanks

[Kristen-3333   01/11/2014]

 ""Is anyone Intrested in making offer for 2003 and 2009

[Angelomimma   31/10/2014]


I have a part Brexton Picnic Hamper 1950/60's and want to find other items to complete the 4 piece setting.

The pattern number is "7962" and is the Lily of the Valley pattern.

I am wanting to hear from anyone who may have some of the set in particular i am needing 2 Cups, 2 plastic storage bottles, 1 Glass Bottle, 2x Green & Cream Sandwich Boxes, 2 Thermos Flasks, 4 Knifes and 1 Teaspoon.

Also maybe willing to part with the things I have if someone else is wanting to make up their setting.


[KiwiCat   07/10/2014]
A. Hi - a member just replied: I'm sorting thru my things I do have a complete picnic basket I think might from 50/60 .pl put photo up for me to. see if I have similar or send a picture to Thanks geoff
[geoffisaac20   09/10/2014]

 Hi there

I have access to two Nrma badges made by craftsman enamellers. One is numbered c363 and the other is an earlier number ( maybe c161 ). Can anyone advise what these things may be worth. I can find badge made by Angus and Coote however not these ones which I eleve are older. Any help would be appreciated. 




[Motoracebeerguy   21/09/2014]

I have recently aquired a watson ink co ltd inkwell and would like some more information on it. The base is embossed with "this bottle always remains the property of watsons ink co ltd"

[strangegirl3021   08/09/2014]
A. Ian also adds: Further to my reply regarding Watson's Ink, I would be interested to buy the inkwell if StrageGirl3021 wishes to sell.
[geoffisaac20   16/09/2014]
A. Regarding StrageGirl3021's enquiry about Watson's Ink. Watson (I just forget his first name at the moment) came from Parkes NSW and was a chemist and photographer. In the 1920's he developed his ink. This ink was much bluer than any other at the time and when the White Train came through Parkes in 1927 the value of his ink was recognised. Watson subsequently went to Sydney and set up his factory in Concord. His son Gordon became an internationally acclaimed pianist. More details of this can be found in my book "Parkes A Photographic History". I am a collector of various things and have a number of Watson bottles -inks, paste, and mucilage. Ian Chambers (posted by Geoff)
[geoffisaac20   16/09/2014]
Q. Hi I have a collection of coddlers. I have moved and do not have the display space. Cheers, Pauline.
[frenchcomposer   24/08/2014]

 Hi Guys,

This is my very first time on this site and was hoping I could get some help.

I would like to know if anyone can tell me the value of a Energol oil dispenser . It holds 2 x 10 gallon oil drums  with hand pumps. The cabinet is a roll top and I know it is at least 50yrs old as it belonged to my local store that I later became the owner.

My contact email is :

[Rolesy58   13/08/2014]

 Hi ,I would like some information on a Takacs Studio pottery Aboriginal. Boy playing a Didgeridoo.He is approx 40cm long x 40cm tall .He is mounted and incised on a plaque is "The Didgeridoo" Takacs Studio No 19.Incised on the back of the figure is Takacs Studio No 16.He is twice the size of other Aboriginal Men playing the Didgeridoo and he is a Boy painted brown not black..

I cannot find any information whatsoever .

Any information would great full .


[Revolving   18/05/2014]

 Hi all.  I live in rural South Aus.  I have a small collection of around 40 pieces of Australian pottery I want to sell and am wondering the best way to go about it. I have Bosely, Guy Boyd, Arthur Boyd, Koster, Diana, Casey, Bennetts, Rawson, Wembley, Fowler, McHugh, Campbell and some unidentified pieces. Some of the pieces are of some value but the bilk would be more average I'm guessing.  Hope someone can help.  Thanks Justin.

[Ledger   27/04/2014]

Hi... am looking to buy ash trays advertising wines, spirits or tobacco products... if you have these sort of things for sale at a reasonable price please contact... 

[CamFiend   29/03/2014]
A. I have 100's for sale - see this site or go to and then click' 'see other items' - or contact me direct
[Johnhalsall   31/03/2014]

 I have a copper ashtray that has a swivel container in the middle containing 5 tiny dice. I can't find anything at all about this item. Can anyone help please?

[jacqui   18/03/2014]

 Hi. I have the complete set of constable t bears and thinking of possibly selling them. wondering what a good price would be to put on them?

the 2000 bear was the rereleased bear in 2009. all in mint condition. 14 bears in total plus the buffy dog as well

[Grevin11   08/03/2014]

hi all,

I have quite a few old beer bottles still full, two different types, both 740ml and put out by courage: one is labelled flinders lager the other is labelled 1770 commemorative ale.

I have approx. 6 of the flinders and 15 of the commemorative.

would anyone be interested?

[billypicken   06/03/2014]

 Is a J Tylor and sons toilet, column design, patern 1892 worth much?

[Aedoooo   31/01/2014]

 Does anyone know if  J Tylor and sons toilet is worth anything, column design patern 1892

[Aedoooo   31/01/2014]

Just wondering if you might be interested in a commemorative bowl of King Edward VIII coronation?



[kitkat   25/01/2014]
Q. I have a Fully Certified , Numbered , Collectors boxed Charles & Diana commemorative port in pristine condition also a boxed collectors commemorative bottle of Prince William port numbered the same as Charles & Diana port can any one inform me of the value and is it worth keeping or should I drink the 3 bottles if it is of value what is it worth ? and would anyone be interested in purchasing it. Regards Art
[ttsport   10/01/2014]

Can anyone identify these action figures?

Cheers, Berenice

[kitkat   17/12/2013]

I want to know the history of the leather covered box as well as an Australian cigarette box as shown in the photos of my boxes collection. Anyone with knowledge on the subject I would love to hear from you

Thanks Berenice

[kitkat   17/12/2013]

I want to know the history of the leather covered box as well as an Australian cigarette box as shown in the photos of my boxes collection. Anyone with knowledge on the subject I would love to hear from you

Thanks Berenice

[kitkat   17/12/2013]

I want to know the history of the leather covered box as well as an Australian cigarette box as shown in the photos of my boxes collection. Anyone with knowledge on the subject I would love to hear from you

Thanks Berenice

[kitkat   17/12/2013]

Does anyone know how to date boxes especially cigarette boxes made of wood. I have an Austalian on looks handmade, but have no idea of the history. Have a look on my bower site and check out the one with the Australian Kangaroo on the front.


Berenice (Kitkat)

[kitkat   17/12/2013]

Does anyone know how to date boxes especially cigarette boxes made of wood. I have an Austalian on looks handmade, but have no idea of the history. Have a look on my bower site and check out the one with the Australian Kangaroo on the front.


Berenice (Kitkat)

[kitkat   17/12/2013]

Does anyone know how to date boxes especially cigarette boxes made of wood. I have an Austalian on looks handmade, but have no idea of the history. Have a look on my bower site and check out the one with the Australian Kangaroo on the front.


Berenice (Kitkat)

[kitkat   17/12/2013]

Does anyone know how to date boxes especially cigarette boxes made of wood. I have an Austalian on looks handmade, but have no idea of the history. Have a look on my bower site and check out the one with the Australian Kangaroo on the front.


Berenice (Kitkat)

[kitkat   17/12/2013]

 I have a few vintage dolls from the 1950's and would like to know if anyone could give me a price for them as I would like to sell them.  However I cant get the photos to upload on here.   I have an Apple   Mac which doesnt seem to co operate with the downloading software. 

[cody blue   23/11/2013]

Hi can any one help me I am looking for three Royal Winton Pink Petunia tea cups only.


[Karranfoley@hotmail.   18/11/2013]

Hi can any one help me I am looking for three Royal Winton Pink Petunia tea cups only.


[Karranfoley@hotmail.   18/11/2013]

 I'm not sure if any of you will even have any idea that this glass factory in the Pilbra region of  WA. It closed down long ago because of a big cyclone that wiped out the wharf and like many of WA pioneer towns it is now abonaded and very hard to get to,  let alone find intact bottles there that were handmade at that spot. They made bottles there because the area had the correct sand needed.

So can any of you help with the value of these bottles? Does anyone know about this glass factory that is long gone now?

[   09/11/2013]


I have a lot of French lace large and small pieces, as well as some beautiful antique lace clothes for sale.

The smaller pieces make gorgeous dolls clothes, cushions etc..

I'm also selling some of my doll collection.

If anyone's interested I'll send you some photos.

Regards Louisa


[louisa   18/10/2013]

 hi, looking for someone with bookmarks made by cashs of australia,i would like to buy or exchange although i have some,i know there are others,so any info would be appreciated

[liz harris   27/07/2013]

 I have found a baby dish (nursery plate) with a Mickey mouse and Minnie Mouse with a nursery rhyme. "I'm going to sneeze " said Minnie Mouse'

Said Mickey, "Sneeze at WHO?"

Said Minnie, "Please, I'm going to sneeze!

I'm going to sneeze...".ATCHOO!"

It has made in Japan and a crown with feathers on top.I have searched asian marks sites and can not find maker.I think it would be 1940's

Any ideas???????

[Roses   21/07/2013]


Would anyone have an idea of the value of this original oil. It has had prints done from it and sold on the market. Est age 50-80 years.

[Honeyman2003   18/07/2013]


Would anyone have an idea of the value of this original oil. It has had prints done from it and sold on the market. Est age 50-80 years.

[Honeyman2003   18/07/2013]


Would anyone have an idea of the value of this original oil. It has had prints done from it and sold on the market. Est age 50-80 years.

[Honeyman2003   18/07/2013]


Would anyone have an idea of the value of this original oil. It has had prints done from it and sold on the market. Est age 50-80 years.

[Honeyman2003   18/07/2013]

 Does anyone have any idea as to the value of a set of log boxes with rail, that was once a feature of a fireplace?

[Bevlyn   17/07/2013]

Hi there, we have a badge collection on a piece of board (shaped like Australia about 1.5m x 1.5m). It is full of badges old and new, started by my husbands father when he was 13 (some 50yrs ago). Though there are badges much older than this also. We need to get a valuation done on it for insurance purposes. Can anyone suggest where we might be able to get this from. We are located in the Northern Territory. Thanks for any info. Annette

[geoffisaac20   21/06/2013]
A. Hi Try contacting They may be able to assist, cheers
[rugbyleaguebadges   23/07/2013]

does anyone know the value of my picture of Elvis with a gold coin at bottom its by nate giodgio

[Alexander77   16/06/2013]


I have in mint condition still in box - numbered tag attached to the ear Constable T Bear member Victoria Police Band edition 10 2009 - does anyone know what it would be worth?  I may be interested in selling one as I have two of them.  Hope to hear soon  Sandra

[rawfind   14/06/2013]

Hi there

I am searching for old Gould League badges issued annually to School students. You can email me at

[rugbyleaguebadges   07/06/2013]

Hi Ian, I have the tins in the Market Place section, first ad,  price is negotiable and some tins are in better condition than others. There are 9 in total. Thanks, krishere.

[krishere   01/06/2013]

Hello I have a jug with carriages and horses and old style men and women  and old style houses on it. On base it has Sandland Ware with two hands shaking pictured and Lancaster & Sandland Ltd Hanley, Staffordshire, England. Is this sought after. Thanks, krishere.

[krishere   01/06/2013]

Hi All,

I have  1 Opened (to get it through customs on my return)

Fosters Lager Beer Can ( Carlton & United Breweries) specially produced for the Final Sailing of  P & O Oriana, Last of the Orient Line on which I was a passenger in 1986

It reads P & O's Great Lady of the Sea Oriana, Last of the Orient Line   P & O  Farewell Oriana it has a picture of the ship on the can and it depicts the gross tonnage, length, breadth number of cabins etc etc on the front of the can.  Can email a picture if anyone enquires.

I have never seen one offered for sale anywhere including Ebay International sites.  Would anyone have any idea of the value so I can put it up for sale.  Alternatively where could I log onto to seek information re it's value to a collector.

Many thanks


No replies since my inital question, can anyone help me out with this or point me in the right direction even if  overseas to lodge an enquiry   Many thanks...  Evie

[Evie   01/05/2013]

 Hi I have a cilent who is wanting to sell her original r160 rocking chair which is in near perfect original condition. The upholstery is mid speckled green wool and is in great condition. The only issue is that it's missing both wooden wedges that support the cross beams under the chair.  It is not stamped but her father worked in the industry and she can remember the chair being bought as a child. I was hoping to give her a current price estimated and provide the best way to sell it quickly but getting a fair price. Thanks in advance.

[theredtree   18/04/2013]
A. Hi A couple of r160's just sold at Shapiro auction house for just over $4k each - they were not in very good condition so a good one has to be worth $5k. For some reason the rocking chairs are not as sought after as the regular ones - which seems strange to me as they are a lot rarer. One in good condition with a matching footstool sold for $6k at Leonard Joel in Melbourne last year. Unstamped as yours is (and given prices have come off a bit) I would still think $3k - $4k has to be a fair price and probably nearer the $4k.
[geoffisaac20   23/04/2013]

HI Elisemay.

I am interested in the 2000 bear of yours.Could 

you please ring me on 0417311720 or email aepoulter@hotmail.Many thanks

[aepoulter   18/04/2013]

hi, i have a old cascade clove cordial bottle with the original liquid in the bottle.could someone please shed some light on this item for me dad has had it for at least 40yrs plus and it has been in my shed since he passed away

[geoffisaac20   08/04/2013]

To tomasz2000. I have a lillicrap's hone uranium glass razor sharpner with original box, you can contact me if you are interested. Cheers. Suze.

[Suze   07/03/2013]

A friend's late husband collected Matchbox Models of Yesteryear and she is wanting to sell them. They are all completely original in unopened boxes. Does anyone collect them and what sort of price should she expect. Some examples are Y22, Y31, YS46, YS49. There are many more.


Any advice appreciated

[sacko   27/02/2013]

Hi rusty24, sorry I have not been on the site for awhile. I am in Adelaide. I could send you an email of the tins I have if you like. They are from my dad's shed, some are in better condition than others. Hope to hear from you soon. krishere

[krishere   16/02/2013]

Hi there, i have got Victorian Police Blue Ribbin year 2002, 2003 and 2004. Two of them have boxes all in mint condition how much are they worth 

[deirdre   11/02/2013]

Hi there, i have got Victorian Police Blue Ribbin 2002, 2003 and 2004 two are in there boxes the other didnt have one. These are all in mint condition. I an thinking about selling them, Can you please tell me how much are these worth


[deirdre   11/02/2013]

Hi there, i have got Victorian Police Blue Ribbin 2002, 2003 and 2004 two are in there boxes the other didnt have one. These are all in mint condition. I an thinking about selling them, Can you please tell me how much are these worth


[deirdre   11/02/2013]

 Hi Everyone, I have quite a large range of miniature bottles most still sealed, and wanting to sell them from all over the world, must sell open to offers for the whole lot around 700 


[gaucis7   06/02/2013]

I have 2 Brownie Downing stocking dolls, each has a small felt covered australian animal held in their left arm [ a koala & also a kangaroo ].

What other australian animals or items were held in their arms?.


[dean246   18/01/2013]

Does anyone know if there is an extant film of the 1968 Tosca telecast from the Adelaide Arts Festival?  It starred Marie Collier, Tito Gobbi, and Donald Smith in the lead roles.

[franwin   13/01/2013]

Have you sold your 2000 Constable t Bear - please email me if not -

[wilbur2005   16/12/2012]
A. I have one for sale if you still wanted it
[Elisemay   16/04/2013]

Hi, I have come into possession of 4 x Teenage mutant ninja turtle silver coins.  Back of coins have picture of the TMNT's with the word 'Cowabunga' in a 'talk balloon' above them.  The only mark I can see is 'Mirage' on the back also.  The front features pics each of Rocksteady, Blimp, Krang and Splinter.  I know nothing about these and can't find any on other sites.  Any help appreciated about their history and value would be appreciated.

[fossick888   14/12/2012]
I have a Remued gumleaf jug (119M). Unfortunately it has a repaired crack in the spout. The crack is not obvious at a normal glance and most people would not immediately notice it. Does this damage make the jug worthless? It is a really pretty colour of oranges and green.
[cillchat   13/12/2012]

 Hi there I am just wondering how much a 2000 constable bear 1st edition number 82 is worth and is anyone interest in buying one??

[sarah06   04/12/2012]
A. one sold recently on ebay for just over $800.I am interested Sarah.Please ring me on 0417311720 or 95517465
[aepoulter   05/12/2012]

Hi ghostfreak.I am interested in your 2000 constable t bear.Could you please ring me on 0417311720 or home number 95517465 Thanks

[aepoulter   04/12/2012]

Is anyone interested in some old tobacco tins, reasonable condition?

[krishere   20/11/2012]
A. Yes, how do l contact you.Thanks rusty24
[rusty24   14/01/2013]

Hi, is there anyone that is looking for tobacco tins, I have an assortment of them from my dad's shed? Thanks, krishere

[krishere   20/11/2012]
A. May be interested if still available. Any photos? Regards, Ian
[ianjud   13/04/2013]

Hi, I have two old lawnmowers from a deceased estate that I want to find out information on. One is a victa 18 and the other is a Rover 18.  Both have old metal frames and the rover has metal wheels as well. Just want to find out how to find information on what models and years they are . I can find out a bit about the Victa but not about the rover. Can anyone help??

[gardendonna   24/10/2012]

Hi, I have two old lawnmowers from a deceased estate that I want to find out information on. One is a victa 18 and the other is a Rover 18.  Both have old metal frames and the rover has metal wheels as well. Just want to find out how to find information on what models and years they are . I can find out a bit about the Victa but not about the rover. Can anyone help??

[gardendonna   24/10/2012]

Hi, I have two old lawnmowers from a deceased estate that I want to find out information on. One is a victa 18 and the other is a Rover 18.  Both have old metal frames and the rover has metal wheels as well. Just want to find out how to find information on what models and years they are . I can find out a bit about the Victa but not about the rover. Can anyone help??

[gardendonna   24/10/2012]

Hi, I have two old lawnmowers from a deceased estate that I want to find out information on. One is a victa 18 and the other is a Rover 18.  Both have old metal frames and the rover has metal wheels as well. Just want to find out how to find information on what models and years they are . I can find out a bit about the Victa but not about the rover. Can anyone help??

[gardendonna   24/10/2012]

I am looking for Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Bears-Year 2000 to complete my set.I am also interested in the 2001 and 2002 bears.I have a 2004 and 2007 for sale.

[aepoulter   12/10/2012]
A. I have 2000 2001 and 2002 for sale if you are still looking !!
[Elisemay   16/04/2013]
A. i also have a mint condition search and rescue bear from 2002. its number is 07173. cheers.
[ghostfreak   03/12/2012]
A. I have a 2000 mint condition constable t bear number 0082/2000. still has the tag conected to the ear and his little bow tie on. never been played with. for info.
[ghostfreak   03/12/2012]

I am looking for items related to letterpress printing.  Type Gauges (rulers), type catalogues, quoins, type (metal and wooden and nylo) and small presses.

[vintageservices   14/09/2012]
A. Thank you Andrew for your note Please email me at Regards, Geoff
[vintageservices   04/03/2013]
A. Just joined so I could mail you. My neighbour has a few trays of type and what i think is a Pearl press if you are interested. regards Andrew
[helland   02/03/2013]

Hi, I am looking for some help to value a tea set I have inherited.  It is Royal Stafford Coquette and has pale blue flowers on it.  I have a set of 6 trios that have no cracks or chips.  Does anyone know if this set is valuable?

[K_Rolt   29/08/2012]

Hi, we were given a 5 litre round rum bottle (empty) quite some time ago and have been told that it is a collectors item.  We have no idea and wondering if you know how much (if any) it is worth.  The Bunderberg Rum lable is in excellent condition.

Thank you.

[roulston@home   08/08/2012]

anyone have any robert gordon  trout pattern pottery for sale please

[tawnyowl   01/08/2012]

 Hi and  let me introduce myself.I am originally from the UK.I used to collect and dig for bottles when I was  kid as there was an old dump a couple of miles away from where my parents live that I used to explore.Problem is I now live in Brisbane and dont know how to go about finding old dumps.I have approached a local club and was told it is illegal to dig at old dumps but this wouldnt particularly worry me!Can you offerany advice Thanks

[kewie   28/07/2012]

Hi  golfer 54. I'm interested in both of your bears. Could you tell me what you would be willing to sell them for. Hope to hear from you soon.



[big mama   13/07/2012]

I have Constable T Bears  Editions 1 and 2 available for sale.  Both numbered, brand new condition.


[golfer54   11/07/2012]
A. Hello. Are these bears still available? Thanks
[shelby   17/03/2013]
A. Do you mean 2000 and 2001?
[aepoulter   12/10/2012]
A. Are there bears still for sale? How much are you wanting for them?
[penjayne   21/09/2012]

If there are buyers for constable t bears out there, I have 2002 bear that is with overalls, 2003 heritage bear with badge(not inscribed) and 2007 bear with Special Operations Group(SOG).

[darkiesbase   10/07/2012]

I have a very early mercury electric lawn mower .made in melbourne.can anyone give me any information on this item ,or know of any collectors I can contact .please email me and i can send pics.

[jo***   02/07/2012]

I have a very early mercury electric lawn mower .made in melbourne.can anyone give me any information on this item ,or know of any collectors I can contact .please email me and i can send pics.

[jo***   02/07/2012]


Hi, I am seeking some additional info on an old, unused bottle top, red in colour, with the name, "Gardner & Jones" along the top, with the Phone no 26 in the centre, and the name of the city "Mt Isa " along the bottom. I already know that the bottling company operated in Mt Isa circa the 1940's to 1960's, though apart from that, not much.

Cheers Rob. call or txt 0418 758 206.

[robman1947   27/06/2012]


Hi, I am seeking some additional info on an old, unused bottle top, red in colour, with the name, "Gardner & Jones" along the top, with the Phone no 26 in the centre, and the name of the city "Mt Isa " along the bottom. I already know that the bottling company operated in Mt Isa circa the 1940's to 1960's, though apart from that, not much.

Cheers Rob. call or txt 0418 758 206.

[robman1947   27/06/2012]

Hi, I have an old bakelite collapsible cup that has been in  my garage for decades. In good and intact condition, and does react to the bakelite test with the 'burned hair' smell. It is the colour of the old-fashioned electric plugs, that dark, streaky brown.


Cheers, Rob. Txt or 'ph 0418 758 206.

[robman1947   26/06/2012]
A. Depending on colour and condition these are worth from $35 to $150, going on the colour you have mentioned I would guess yours is worth around #35
[huonbrook   09/11/2012]

Hi, I am seeking some additional info on an old, unused bottle top, red in colour, with the name, "Gardner & Jones" along the top, with the Phone no 26 in the centre, and the name of the city "Mt Isa " along the bottom. I already know that the bottling company operated in Mt Isa circa the 1940's to 1960's, though apart from that, not much.

Cheers Rob. call or txt 0418 758 206.

[robman1947   26/06/2012]

i am a bottle collector i am looking for bottles from the illawarra region bulli,woonona wollongong helensburgh if you have any you want to sell please contact me on 0402925121 thanks

[tobyjug42   23/06/2012]

i am a bottle collector looking for bottles from the illawarra region,bulli woonona,wollongong,helensburgh,if you have any you want to sell please contact me on 0402925121

[tobyjug42   23/06/2012]

Hi I JUST DECOVERD that these decanters also are made as cigarret lighters I got 2 so far 

[Theo   16/06/2012]

Hi is there anyome who collects sadler tea pots in NSW

[mardibrandy   12/06/2012]

I have a complete Leh Scherzer Tea Set, I believe between 1930-1945, pattern no. 0846.  Has anybody any idea of worth etc.  I am willing to sell it to someone who may appreciate it more than our family with it sitting in the top of a wardrobe in a basket, where it has been in excess of 50 years.  It appears to be cream porcelain with a kookaburra on it with gold leafed edging.  The teaset to my knowledge has never been used.

[Brian Forth   05/06/2012]

what sort of spoons are worth anything and how do you tell?

[kitkat   22/05/2012]



Hope you can help.  I am thinking of buying a jukebox but cannot find a supplier in AU that offers re-conditioned old school jukeboxes (I have found individual jukeboxes from the 60s and 70s on ebay but they do not tend to be reconditioned.





[Marks   21/05/2012]

 Can anyone tell me the value of a silver teapot that my Mother owned. It is EPNS. I have two, and one has a silver stand to place it on. No idea of age, but imagine around 75 years old.

[Bevlyn   14/05/2012]

iv got a old sidcrome socket set complete its a 26 peice 1/2 drive WHIT and A/F , NO. SWS626 just wondering the value and also what year they were made it has the old old style writing cheers.

[stmbm82   28/04/2012]

 Hi, I have a tear drop shaped, Stainless steel, wind up Citron De Luxe pendant watch that I am looking for more information on like price, age etc. Can anyone help me?

[ShazzBlake   26/04/2012]

Does anyone know about Raynham Pottery marks and labels - eg what mark or label was used when? thanks

[maxson   24/04/2012]
A. Raynham pottery has a distinct look, most of them came from the retro era when colour and shapes were the rage. Most of them are marked with a sticker but as they wear off you need to look at the bottom to see if there are any marks. If there are no marks, mostly by the shape and texture and colour Raynham likes the rough type of outer glaze with a colour smooth glaze interior. A lot of Raynham is in a white. Otherwise google the name and see what you come up with. Cheers Berenice
[kitkat   25/01/2014]
A. Raynham pottery has a distinct look, most of them came from the retro era when colour and shapes were the rage. Most of them are marked with a sticker but as they wear off you need to look at the bottom to see if there are any marks. If there are no marks, mostly by the shape and texture and colour Raynham likes the rough type of outer glaze with a colour smooth glaze interior. A lot of Raynham is in a white. Otherwise google the name and see what you come up with. Cheers Berenice
[kitkat   25/01/2014]

i have two 70 series and one victa 18 with badge in the handle all in fair condition and would like to know what you think they would be worth if i was to sell them  - contact

[geoffisaac20   19/04/2012]

I have a victa cortina 2 with grass catcher and would like to know its value and if any of your collectors would be interested in buying it. It has been mowing lawns regularly up to the present day. Thank you Mary


[geoffisaac20   16/04/2012]

 Hi Mrs Owl.....I have an original 1792 bertuch on copper coming next week... Its 10 x 8 " roughly...... 5 owls done... google Bertuch... and you will find the book it was made for..   Interested? Let me know....

[rogers531   12/04/2012]

Hi, Iam after rugby league patchs or pins from Brisbane rugby league clubs 1960 to 1980s. Cheers

[nod722   09/04/2012]
A. Hi there I collect and trade in RL badges. You may find these sites interesting cheers
[rugbyleaguebadges   07/06/2013]

 Hi there fellow collector's, I need to know if anyone has heard of Ben Hill I currently own a teaspoon does any one no anything about it and how much it could be worth

[folweld   07/04/2012]

I am after the 2000 constable t bear like many others would love to complete my collection would pay up to $1000

[gromit   24/03/2012]
[swampyro   15/06/2012]
[swampyro   15/06/2012]

Does anyone know about bosley ware from Australia? for

[Robert   20/03/2012]

Hry mate just woundering how I would go about finding the era of my mower, it's a mk4 160 with orange plastic top and green base/catcher alloy base with a made for waltons sticker on it.

Posted on behalf of


[geoffisaac20   19/03/2012]

Hi i am after a 2001 constable t bear with tags.. if anyone has one that they would love to sell, to a loving home i would love to hear from you. i have the complete collection except for the 2001.

[glennreeb   16/03/2012]
A. My brother has one of those bears in mint brand new condition he wants to sell. How much are you looking to spend?
[gtfal   22/06/2012]

For Sale:

Early 1930 Mickey Mouse with upturned Nose

Fantastic condition, 4 Photos in the Jagman Bower

Nick 0439 020220

[Jagman   10/03/2012]

I am also a Pedigree Sindy collector from 1963 to 1986. I am in W.A. Where are you? Your dolls look lovely.

[funtime   07/03/2012]
A. Hi, nice to hear from another Sindy fan. I am in Tasmania. Although the very early Sindy's are my favourites I do like the furniture and accessories that appeared in the 70s and early 80s although I will need more room before I can seriously collect enough for a Sindy House.
[Taswegian1957   12/04/2012]

Hello  I was wondering if in your collecting you have come across any whisky called ...Young's Mountain Dew Scotch Whisky made by the Scottish distiller Edward Young. I have an original  advertising mirror featuring this whisky bottle (which I am trying to age) but I can't find out anything about the whisky itself or the distiller unfortunately. Hopefully you may know of this drop.

 Thanks Leon


[snitchel   06/03/2012]

I have a box full of bowls club coasters that is from a deceased estate, so before I throw them in the bin, I would rather give them to a collector. Please contact

[geoffisaac20   28/02/2012]

I have a robin rive bear the name is little jamie limited edition 161/200

Could you tell me how much I could sell it for?

Cheers Allison

[animals6allison   23/02/2012]

 I have a coloured Orange and Green napkin holder with fluted edge.  Does anyone know if this is Murano or not?  Also approx. value of  such a piece.  looks very seventies/ Thank you for any help.  Elaine

[elaine G.   13/02/2012]

I have an 80 year old Snakes and Ladder game which was made in England and is complete

It was handed in to sell at a second hand toy stall at a Church Fete does any one know whether it is worth me advertising this item for sale and if so for how much please?

[katrinalesley   10/02/2012]

I have an 80 year old Snakes and Ladder game which was made in England and is complete

It was handed in to sell at a second hand toy stall at a Church Fete does any one know whether it is worth me advertising this item for sale and if so for how much please?

[katrinalesley   10/02/2012]

Greetings. Very new to this. We have moved into an apartment and I need to cull some of my collections. I think I must part with my collection of Egg Coddlers as I do not have the room. Can anyone out there give me an idea as to whether they are saleable or should I just take them to the nearest op-shop?


[frenchcomposer   02/02/2012]
A. vintage kitchenalia is quite saleable, ebay or if you prefer an Australian site quicksales will let you list for free
[huonbrook   09/11/2012]

I am looking for royal doulton collectors in lambeth, silicon ware,  anything from the 1800's to 1900'sbe nice to talk to someone who may know more than me who can help me identify some pieces i have.

look forward to the help


[rie_1960   21/01/2012]

i have a shed full of old oil bottles,signs,tins,oil racks,ect for sale if your interested call me on 0421668431

cheers tom

[davotheram   12/01/2012]
A. Hi Tom .. do you have any Waikfield Castrol Bottles and green bullseye tops for sale .. Stephen at Waitpinga
[freddo   09/06/2013]

Hi Taneille, I got my black lights or UV lights from eBay, hope this helps. Regards, Suze.

[Suze   12/01/2012]

I have a Kirby lawnmower with a 2 stroke Tecumseh engine from the sixties or seventies that needs a loving home. Contact me by email if interested. I`m located near Picton NSW. Thanks.



[ecco   07/01/2012]

Hi Iam lookiooing for info regarding Frankland Mint Coca-Cola knive collection regarding wether the knife is gold plated.



[Frog   30/12/2011]

can anybody please tell me the value of a limited edition print by G W Baxter the print is called the Links. This was 1993 issue one of 175/500. It is called the 18th Hope Island. It is from the links collection.


[skitz   30/12/2011]

Hi anybody know of this type of hood thingy ,and are they worth anything

[bigun   18/12/2011]

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to find a SOLID LED Black UV Torch.  Whether it is new or antique (preferable) for the purpose of looking at uranium glass.


I'm located in Brisbane and have been unable to find one anywhere.


If you have one for sale, or know somewhere I can purchase please please please do email me.




[Taneille   11/12/2011]
A. Try PROCONtechnology web page phone number61-3-98306288 they are based at Mt Waverley I found them to be reasonably priced & promte Zowie
[zowie phillips   12/01/2012]


My name is jeanamari and I have a vase, original Emile Galle - collection Utopia.

Can anyone tell me where to go to find more details about this kind of glass and the value.



[mariana   01/12/2011]

I'm with you here! I adore Golliwogs, but i want to source a particular one, to complete my personal collection, have you any idea where i could purchase a paticular, vintage miniture Golly?

Thank you, and keep on collecting!!

[Collectionsarecool   27/11/2011]
A. When you say:vintage miniture Golly, what are you looking for, pottery? or a clothe golly? I buy 99% of mine over the net. I grab what I can when I see it. I love the old stuff, but getting harder & harder to find!
[JPOTTS   08/05/2012]

I am assisting and older friend who has a large collection of dolls including "Mary Elizabeth and her Jumeau" and "Yesterdays Dreams" from the Georgetown Collections as well as some from Ashton Drake Galleries. The owner is moving to a retirement home and must sell her entire collection which is vast including 3 display cases. I can e-Mail pics if required please call me  in first instance on 0430-384-680 Keith Meyer

[geoffisaac20   24/11/2011]

 I have the small Wedgwood plates of the capital cities of Australia.The pink Perth plate was quite valuable last I heard.

I also have the first plates to come out of Russia.They are the Russian Fairy Tale collection and the Russian Village life.

A full set of Elvis Presley plates too among others I have

Authenticity certificates available with all

[ValG   12/11/2011]

Hi, Just wondering how to tell if brownie downie pieces are originals or copies. I have been left several small plates connected to stands some have nothing on bottom and some are marked registered. Also do you know what they are worth?

Thanks Rhonda

[rhann   11/11/2011]

Hi, Just wondering how to tell if brownie downie pieces are originals or copies. I have been left several small plates connected to stands some have nothing on bottom and some are marked registered. Also do you know what they are worth?

Thanks Rhonda

[rhann   11/11/2011]

Hi, Just wondering how to tell if brownie downie pieces are originals or copies. I have been left several small plates connected to stands some have nothing on bottom and some are marked registered. Also do you know what they are worth?

Thanks Rhonda

[rhann   11/11/2011]


[whal31   09/11/2011]

To those interested I have hopefully added my aladdin lamp collection.please get back to me if I was successful in doing so also what you thnk so far.

     Cheers Clone.06

[clone.06   05/11/2011]

Thanks geo its been a while got things going on all over just so you know I appreciate you advice Zowie

[zowie phillips   30/10/2011]

 Hi there - I have a collection of Wedgwood Jasperware Pin Dishes with different flowers on each.  I have spent hours on the internet trying to find out the flower shown on each dish without much luck.  Just wondering if there is an expert out there that could help please.  I've also been told that some are Limited Edition - is there a way of checking this?  Thanks in anticipation.

[Margyb   28/10/2011]

Kengal,If you are interested and you FACEBOOK .facebook search "aladdin lamp collectors".can't seem to get pix happening here.

Cheers Clone.06

[clone.06   19/10/2011]
A. Hi - i run MyBower - if you add an example of the lamps to the MarketPlace section you can upload a picture there. Login and click Full Menu - in the top menu bar. Then select the most relevant category from the menu. You will see the Market Place section at the top left of the screen- Select Add Items and you can upload a picture of the item and information about it - collectors will then be able to contact you through the site.
[geoffisaac20   03/11/2011]

I collect bowling  club badges from around the world, I would like to contact others with the same interest. I am President of the Bowls Badge Collectors Club of Australia . We have thousands of bowling club badges for sale or swap .Our collectors club is looking for new members . If anyone out there is interested please contact me   Rod Noble

[geoffisaac20   08/10/2011]
A. Hi, I have about 200 badges both ladies and mens and RSL - all lawn bowls from all round Australia lots of different clubs. I need to sell collection - from the late 60's to 75. Some rare ones I think. Should I advertise separate or as individual. My folks travelled over from the west (WA)to the east coast playing lots of clubs and RSL bowls along the way.
[bandm   12/11/2013]
A. Hi, I have about 200 badges both ladies and mens and RSL - all lawn bowls from all round Australia lots of different clubs. I need to sell collection - from the late 60's to 75. Some rare ones I think. Should I advertise separate or as individual. My folks travelled over from the west (WA)to the east coast playing lots of clubs and RSL bowls along the way.
[bandm   12/11/2013]
A. Interested in joining the club.....have just started my collection of bowling badges (200 so far) Cheers murray
[XTCinWA   24/08/2012]

 l have a plate that has patterns and numbers on it..l was wondering if some one could tell me about this plate

[sylvie   26/09/2011]

I have a large collection of old bottles that my father rescued years ago.  My father has since passed away and the bottles are just sitting there.  We had intended years ago to sell them but because he'd been very unwell on and off it just never got done.  The bottles have been outside in the weather.  There are alot of different types, there was a torpedo bottle but I think that's gone walk about, and lots of soda bottles etc., some are in better condition than others.

If there are any collectors in Melbourne interested at some time in having a look with view to purchase please leave details.

[Miestar   22/09/2011]
A. If you are interested in selling a collection you can speak to my father John at 0433 247 438 or my grandfather Ross 5780 1234. My father runs auctions in melbourne in antique collectibles and garage memoribilia and my grandfather has been collecting bottles for 40 years. You can go to for more information if you'd like and have a look at our previous auctions.
[jroycroft   25/10/2011]
A. hi, if you want me to have a look at the bottles give me a call. 0418550286 cheers
[bottleboy1   08/10/2011]

My father has an intact FULL Ballantines Scotch Whiskey - 3pints 6+2/3 fluid oz bottle on a cradle, with a label stating by appointment late Queen Victoria + Late King Edward V11 with a crest, Distilled by Dumbbarton Scotland with built in pourer in the neck, if anyone could please tell me what this is worth i would be greatly appreciative.Thank You

[susy   16/09/2011]

I have a very old dress makers dummy anyone interested?


[bondimel   08/09/2011]
A. we are at Bondi Beach it is $200 lovely peice loads of interest
[bondimel   09/09/2011]
A. Hi there, I'm interested. I'm in Mittagong, NSW. Where are you and how much are you asking for it? Many thanks, Magpie Mu
[MagpieMu   09/09/2011]

can anyone give any imformation regarding a vase BRAEMORE 46 is on the base and 19 has been hnd painted the vase has a pink base then is white with mauve,green and pink spots the inside is also pink the vase looking down on it is shaped like an S would be most grateful for any info and would be nice to know value thank you. Posted on behalf of

[geoffisaac20   03/09/2011]

Hi I am wondering if you know of any collectors of Theatre Programmes in South Australia. My 90year old aunt has collected quite a few over the years and I don't want to throw them out but to give them a second life. If there is anyone who would be interested in purchasing them please contact me

Posted on behalf of member

[geoffisaac20   30/08/2011]

Hi, I was hoping you could help me. I am an archaeology student at Sydney University. For class we analysed a collection excavated from a well on a private property in Balmain, Sydney. I am very curious about tracking the origion of one of the partial bottle fragments to help put a date on the collection. It is an oval clear fluted bottle with 'This bottle belongs the Rosella pre & manf coy ltd regs 2970' on the side. The bottom has what looks like a square with outward tapering legs. The inside of the square appears to have a d inside it. There is an m then an s below this and T 145 below. Thank you for your time, Posted by Geoff for Karin

[geoffisaac20   20/08/2011]


 Hase enyone got any of these ,or a catelogh .I would love to hear from you.Theo smolders  45 russell street Casterton. 3311. vic. au. email       please.

[Theo   16/08/2011]

I have a early sunbeam made of pvc & cotton.Its full length with sunbeam at top.Near the waist is the words (The Great Aussie Fruit Cake ).Than it has a pocket with an australian shaped fruit cake on it.Under that is the words,FULL OF NATURES GOODNESS.I know it was made in melbourne,by apron art .It also has a phone number the company i believe has since closed or so i believe.Can anyone help with artist and age.would be apprectied as have been looking for a while.Thanks zowie.

[zowie phillips   05/08/2011]

I have a early sunbeam made of pvc & cotton.Its full length with sunbeam at top.Near the waist is the words (The Great Aussie Fruit Cake ).Than it has a pocket with an australian shaped fruit cake on it.Under that is the words,FULL OF NATURES GOODNESS.I know it was made in melbourne,by apron art .It also has a phone number the company i believe has since closed or so i believe.Can anyone help with artist and age.would be apprectied as have been looking for a while.Thanks zowie.

[zowie phillips   05/08/2011]

Hi folks I’m hoping you can help me. My father passed away late last year and has left us his huge collection of hand tools, collected over his lifetime. Many of the tools are vintage and original, some have been reconditioned. Just as an example there are over 100 claw hammers, literally 100’s of wood chisels, saws, pliers, etc etc - carpentry tools, plumbing tools, metalworking tools – you name it. Can you suggest someone who would be interested in looking at the collection with a view to buying it as single lot, or put me in touch with some collectors. The collection is located near Gosford on the Central Coast, NSW. Thanks in anticipation, Kind regards Steve Cook =

[geoffisaac20   04/08/2011]

 I have a antique PYE shortwave AM radio. It is a valve powered polished timber radio. Does it have any value ?? Is any one interested??

[clankelsall   03/08/2011]
A. Hi Do you still have the radio? My value would be $60 without seeing it. Regards Brian 0400151877
[nina haraka   13/10/2013]

 Hi there, I am new to this.

I have 4 small bowls and 1 larger bowl, maybe a fruit bowl or a salad bowl. On the bottom of the plate is:-

SUNSHINE    561073     REG  SOL391413 

J & B. MEAKIN     ENGLAND  , i was wondering are these of any value or not?

[kazzie   30/07/2011]

Hello, I'm a home maintenance and gardening contractor and when recently doing a job for an elderly client he asked me if I knew anyone that was interested in collecting old lawn mowers as he has an old 60s vintage victa that he has had since new. Are you able to see if one of your member collectors in interested, if so i can forward on the sellers details. Rgds Brian Jones added by:

[geoffisaac20   19/07/2011]

 Hi.  I am new to this.  I have 2 bottles left to me and do not know there worth.  One is of the Sydney Opera House and is musical.  Has printed on the back James B Beam Distilling Co. Genuine Regal Chine 1977 C Miller Regal  China Corporation 145 liquor bottle  and is stilled sealed and numbered.  Also have a crock of Tullamore Dew stilled sealed  and made in Dublin Ireland. Can anyone help me out or tell me where I can get these valued.  I  live in Queensland  Australia.  Cheers Sue 

[suzannelynn13   14/07/2011]

 Hi. I have a Jim Beam Sydney Opera House. Written on the back is "Creation of James B Beam Distilling Co. KY-DRB-230" Genuine Regal China 1977  C MIller    Regal China Corporation 145 Liquor Bottle.  It is musical and also is still sealed with EXPORT and a number printed on the stopper.  I was trying to find out the value. Do you have any idea.  I also have a crock of Tullamore dew a product of Dublin Ireland.  Stilled sealed.  If you can help I would appreciate it as neither of these are insured and they were left to me by my father.  Thanks Sue

[suzannelynn13   14/07/2011]
Royal Copenhagen China - Can anyboydy help me regarding a price on Royal Copenhagen Blue Flower Swerved Pattern design comprising a 6 cup Coffee Pot with matching cream jug and sugar bowl, 12 cups (full size not demi) with matching saucers and plates, two beautiful candle holders all in first class condition - all stamped - any help would be appreciated
for Yvonne Maguire (rainbow)
[geoffisaac20   11/07/2011]

Was wondering if any members new of an online pricing catalog for a beginner coca cola collector, i have found the books are out of touch with reality.

Lincoln Campbell any responce would be greatly appreciated.

[crikey666   07/07/2011]
A. As funny as it sounds, eBay is a virtual pricing catalog that changes with the times. Any collector will tell you that something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. People who write price guides can tell you if an item is rare, but really prices can fluctuate in both directions. There are so many determining factors in the reason for why something is valuable, ie: 1. How many items produced, thus how rare it is 2. The condition of the item (very important) 3. How old the item is 4. If the item is an original, or fake/fantasy 5. If the item has cross collecting involved, where it may be sought after by various different collecting categories, eg. movie/music/sports etc. 6. If the condition of the item will deteriorate due to the onset of rust, mould etc or simply if its trendy to have the item. You will find that the books show premium items, so the prices are probably quite realistic to high end collectors, but the best advice regarding working out prices is to find a few specialized items that you like, such as bottles, cans, vending machines, cups etc and really work on learning why things are valuable in these categories. I have been collecting for 24 years, have nearly 9,000 items in my collection, and really dont like a few thousand of those items. I collected them because they had Coca Cola on them, but now I have specialized and only spend time on items I must have, not just any Coca Cola item. It all takes time!
[mmmmmcoke   17/06/2012]

if i add photos to my collection does it mean ihave to sell our can i just get infrmation on it

[zowie phillips   05/07/2011]
A. My Collections are designed for members to display their collections. If you want to find out information about items it is best to add a question to the discussion box (ie here!) so people can see it easily. If you want to sell (or buy) items it is best to list them in the MarketPlace section. Let me know if you need more info, Geoff
[geoffisaac20   05/07/2011]

 I've added a photograph to the Market Place section adjacent, and the whole collection to My Bower under Porcelain - Australiana - Australian Mixed.  Is there a better place to put photographs up so you may see?

[belrose   04/07/2011]

 Hi, I would appreciate any help in identifying and valuing a dessert service containing 12 x 24cm diameter handpainted plates with artists initials (LB, sometimes looks like CB) on the front and title on the back on Wedgwood blanks, plus an accompanying 2 x dessert platters 23cm diameter x 14.5cm high (deep plate on a raised pedestal) and 2 x shorter dessert platters 22.5cm diameter x 7cm high).  Each painting is a postcard sized landscape, mostly from around Sydney, 2 from Tasmania and accentuated by a floral (Australian) botanical specimen around ?half of the outer edge.  C1885-87.  I'll upload photographs as well.

Does anyone have any clues as to who the artist might be? Or what this dessert service may be worth?

Many thanks!

[belrose   04/07/2011]

Thanks Theo, for the 1880 iron horse info.

[ta95   04/07/2011]

Hi, I have a iron horse decanter, that i got from my uncle, it looks like the one you have with the 6 small amber shot glasses,and a amber bottle, it says made in japan, and it plays the song,'' i'v been working on the railroad'', the only exception is ,that it is in silver tone , and not black or dark blue, do you have any idea what year or model this is, my uncle only drank scotch, so i assume it is a scotch decanter.

[ta95   27/06/2011]
A. hi I am Theo the decanter collector your train was made an 1880 iron horse I think .have you looket at my decanters it should be there .the decanter was made between 1958 to 1973 .I hope this helps you.have you got anymore?
[Theo   03/07/2011]

I have a match box made in Japan called 'a good match' and has a black and a white doll inside the match box. Can any one help with what it is called and maybe a price on it? I can send a pick to any one who can help? Thanks Calvin

[calnros   11/06/2011]

I also have a bell bottle collection of  charles & diana , william , and harry, sarah & andrew also the queen all unopened also assorted brown bell bottles unopened , would love to know how much this collection would be worth or where I can go to ... im sure someone out there would love this collection  they are all in good condition....... thanks

[mary1958   14/05/2011]

 Found the following plate at a bargain stall and would like to know is there any value to it please. Pictures: Windmill, and tulip pickers in full national dress.   Royal Schwabap, Hand decorated. Ter Steege BV. Holland 1984

Thank you

[lightning   12/05/2011]

SORRY, FORGOT MY EMAIL: I collected a number of Sam Fox posters when she was the pin-up of choice for teenage boys in the '80s. All prints are a minimum 60cm x 90cm. If you're interested, please contact me on

[skoz0909   12/05/2011]

I collected a number of Sam Fox posters when she was the pin-up of choice for teenage boys in the '80s. All prints are a minimum 60cm x 90cm. Please contact me if you're interested.

[skoz0909   12/05/2011]

My husband has been collecting Macdonald Toys for many years.

I was wondering if anyone knows if there are buyers out there for these toys. He has about 300 and they are all still in packets.

Appreciate your time.

[blackbeauty   10/05/2011]

Does anybody collect old Qualcast lawnmowers? I have a Qualcast Captain, 14" self-propelled model given to me by an uncle, and up to about ten years ago, still worked okay. It is going to the dump next week. Thank you.

[geoffisaac20   07/05/2011]


I have an old green reschs bottle that I found around 11 yrs ago. I am try to find out how old it might be and if worth anything. it is dark green in colour and has lots of air bubbles in it. it also has embossing which reads from top to bottom RESCHS LIMITED with a lion holding a ring with the leters ER inside it SYDNEY REGISTIERED THE PROPERTY RESCHS PTY. It also has a concaved bottom with a thick seam on ether side. any help would be great.


[wilkinsb   05/05/2011]

I am wanting to purchase old used lino. It doesn't matter what size the pieces are or how damaged or worn out they are. I am lookig for old floral or gemetric designs, probably from the 1950's and earlier.

[decaysvegan   18/04/2011]
A. I definitely have some assorted bits of 1950s lino, what size pieces are you after? I had these lino remnants for some art projects and these are the leftover remnants. The chunks of vintage lino are not particularly convenient to post, the aged stuff cracks if you try and roll it? I'm in Brisbane if that's any help, please email or phone 07 3395 4571 if you want to discuss it. Cheers. Chris
[Chriso   12/05/2011]

Have added a brass inkwell to the brass section.  Lovely piece and would like to find a value for the item.

Also have we got any sword experts here.

[mrshavachat   17/04/2011]

would like to sell these items if any collectors are interested my email is ph 0431683698

[rodwells   17/04/2011]

 does anybody know where i could find a buyer for several thousand trading cards of the following assortment NBA Pro-Street Soccer Andretti racing as well as movie ones as well like batman returns popeye mad mag little mermaid phantom etc my email is or 0874801247 or 0872892650

[hoppo70   14/04/2011]

I have a bell shaped Charles & Diana commemorative, celebrating their marriage 29th July 1981, whiskey decanter never opened.  Does someone know the value of this one? Thank you :-)

[MAPIE   13/04/2011]

 Please I can't find anything like the glass sweet or fruit bowl I have on a stand.  i would like to send in a photo to see if anyone can help me. ThanksElaine 12/4/11.  It has two hearts crossed underneath the dish top. is very pretty but I would like to know the era and the value.

[elaine G.   12/04/2011]
A. Hi - please send a pic to - or you can start a collection and add it for yourself there and then add your question to the discussion box on that page. Geoff
[geoffisaac20   12/05/2011]

 I have an 80 year old snakes and ladders game,does anyone know if it has a value to it?

Thank you

[katrinalesley   09/04/2011]

NSW Gould League of Bird Lovers. I am looking for a catalogue of their annual badges. If a list does not exist then I would like to compile one, so if anyone can help please contact me, thank you

[rugbyleaguebadges   09/04/2011]

Hi wanted to buy: a red genie bottle with stopper in vgc.  please contact me through my bower.  I am in nsw (but could do post thru other states).  Pen

[onekiwi0   07/04/2011]

 hi my name is erica and i have in my book collection ladies handbook  home treatment  first edition with all plates intact it is from 1912 circa

does anyone know antrhing about this book other than its one off th first medical hanbooks writen and is it worth anything.

[effie69   06/04/2011]

In the shed we found Dad's softdrink brewing machines. He bought them from a pub in Glen Innis 50 odd years ago and they were old then. He made squash and lemonade in our hotel. There are 4 seperate very large pieces all made by Mauri Bros & Thomson (Sydney) around 1920 we reckon. All bits are copper/brass and hand forged steel. Pipes and hoses have been cut. Machinery is well oiled and moves freely. it worth anything to any of your members or can you suggest what we should do with it please. I believe the things are far too valuable to sell as scrap metal. Thanks for your time. Warm regards. Rob

[geoffisaac20   05/04/2011]

Hi - Am still having problem with adding pictures however if you would like to email me I can email you some pictures until I have this sorted out

[rainbow   30/03/2011]

Sorry Ninethivy I am having trouble supplying pictures at the moment but hopefully I will have some soon


[rainbow   29/03/2011]

Hi - I have a full 12piece Royal Copenhagen Coffee set in the Blue Flower Curved Pattern trimmed in gold - the set comprises of

12 full size coffee cups with matching saucers and plates

One Coffee Pot - One Suguar Bowl and One Cream jug

All items are in perfect condition -could anyone advise me how much this collection would be wotth Thanks

[rainbow   22/03/2011]
A. can you send pic for me.. i love copenhagen ^^
[ninthivy   26/03/2011]

Found this beautiful small glass vase at a yard sale.  It seems to be signed "Kalmar VC3763M- 20 1947."  Anyone know anything about it?

[tomerickson   20/03/2011]

i have a set rugby league stickers put out by 2GB and NSW TAB in 1988 . can anyone help with a value on them . 16 stickers to the set . they are club emblems nrl teams . top condition thank you

[samjake   19/03/2011]

 Does anyone know where I can locate information about J & G Meakin Sunshine China, the name at the bottom is Garden Fair. It is yellow with a gold rim and has lovely flowers, some look like pansies.

Thank you.

Maltese gypsy

[maltesegypsy   15/03/2011]

Hi collectors, whats the best way to store pins, these can be buttons, butterfly pins, clasp fittings, or stick pins, cheers

[rugbyleaguebadges   13/03/2011]

PaulaandPete; if you are interested I have approx 500 tins to sell, novalty, biscuit, confectionary, etc. vg cond to fair only. Prices from 50c ea. Welcome to come and inspect, Terry  0244545325

[oldie54   11/03/2011]
A. Hi Terry, Do you have any Guests Biscuit tins? Cheers, Tom
[longtom70   26/08/2014]

I have a clock from the  early 1950s (I think) It is of the character Blossom with a Walt Disney Production stamp and is made in Germany. I remember as a child that it had a butterfly pendulum that has since been lost. Does anyone know anything about it and if I can replace the pendulum?


[careycw   03/03/2011]

I have an old mechanical calculator from the 60's (Olivetti Summa Prima) in really good condition.  My parents bought it to do the business calculations.  I'm looking for someone who might collect such things.  I don't want any money for it.  There are people overseas who collect such things, but it's too heavy and big to send overseas. 

Do you know of anyone in Australia who might want it?

Thanks, Lester Irving, (, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

[lesterx   02/03/2011]

I have just come across a Tecnico electric mower. I believe they were made from 1955 - 1965 in NSW. Do you have anymore info for these? Regards, Jason

[geoffisaac20   26/02/2011]
A. Hi Jason Just wondering how you went the info on this mower? The Powerhouse Museum has one photographed with info about it. I have one that I am looking at selling & trying to work out what they might be worth. Cheers Shauna
[shaunab   27/07/2012]

the photo number is p1010065 on my bower

[mousey   25/02/2011]

yes its looks like its either marble or ivory but we could be wrong does anyone out there know where this might come from please get back to us asap

[mousey   25/02/2011]

Hi All,

I have come across some old liquer bottles, the bottles look ceramic, some are still sealed FRENCH GARNIER LIQUER different types (painted ceramic bottle in the shape of a ski boot, football boot, ) some glass beautiful detailing, shape of a dice, one of them even has a music box on the bottom that works when you pour the liquer and then stops when you put the bottle down.

Has anyone seen anything similar, I cant seem to find much on how old they are, etc ??


[brenandpip   22/02/2011]

I bought at an auction a tool that I thought might be to do with steelmaking but now think it may be to do with printing presses as the brand is Fairfax, have put the photo's on, anyone know what it is?

[aussiejag   18/02/2011]

I have just purchased an awa radiola, possibly late 1930s or early 1940s, it has a very early model garrard turntable with no model no.ID and was wondering if there is anyone who knows of a good website that shows a full range of garrard record player models. Cheers Clint Boys Tasmania


[geoffisaac20   17/02/2011]

Hi,i was just wondering if anybody may have any information on a set of stamps that i have in my possession? The first is a set of 5australian dogs from the20th of Feb 1980. It starts with a dingo20c then a border collie25c followed consecutively by a 35c australian terrier,50c aussie cattle dog and a 55c aussie kelpie. If anyone has any information,it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

[mindi   14/02/2011]
A. Hi Mindi I'm afraid I don't know much about these stamps but your right about the release date, their Stanley Gibbons numbers 655-659 and were issued in joined strips of 5, according to my catalogue (which is a bit dated now) they have a value of $3/joined strip mint unhinged or fine used. Sorry I can't help anymore than that...Bob
[robertcatastrophy   01/03/2011]


Sorry i haven't been on for some time. I am always interested in purchasing Simspon jewellery. please contact me on thank you


[SparkleAngel   10/02/2011]

I have a 160 piece Sidchrome Tool Chest - Wall mounted 1960 with original manual.  Could someone please advise me of an estimted value.  Thank you

[scoota   28/01/2011]

Hi could anyone please assist me, I have a Sidchrome Tool Chest - Wall Mounted with all size whitworth metric AF complete 160 piece set. 1960 with original manual in good condition.  Could someone please advise me of an estimate price in which it would be worth. 

[scoota   28/01/2011]

Hi out there.  We are finders of bottles and other interesting items in the WA Goldfields. Found a "Evans patent conginnum machine, London" engraved. Brass rollers and cogs with chrome casing in very good condition. 

Can anyone out there advise us of who we could ctc to have this valued pls?

Look forward to some feedback...Thanks. Maida

[eureka   24/01/2011]

I have a 38 piece Alfred Meakin Rose Duet collection and am wondering if someone can advise me as to where  can source more information re his history & values

[ramcolagoon   16/01/2011]

I have a alloy Russian Samovore 33cm high x 28cm round for sale. It has been converted to electric with an internal element. 5J stamped on the spout.

Maybe someone can tell me where best to sell an item like this.

Thanks Lightening


[lightning   13/01/2011]

I have an Antique Wooden Tool Chest with planes and tools. Please see collection. Can some-one advise me of it's history.


Garth Ovenden.

Bundaberg Qld

[garthovenden47   10/01/2011]

Hi you make no mention of what countrys stamps or from what era...can you upload a pic  or enter some detail

[robertcatastrophy   19/12/2010]


Are you interested in purchasing Simpson Jewellery, have a unique piece, large brooch, with original box.  Can send photos if you would like to see.

[johnno53   17/12/2010]
A. Please send photos to
[kokorube   16/01/2011]

I have just bought a cup and saucer  with the markings on the base  made sppecially for r.twinnings and commpany ltd by palissy a susiduary of royal worcester spode england .. its a lovelly set but im interested if anyone can tell me anything about it......  im sure it has a great story.

[leisareid   08/12/2010]

I have a collection of (mostly plastic) ballpoints.

Many are promotional type.

Anyone interested????

[sundowner   05/12/2010]

I have a 1970's vase with the letter 'K' in gold ink and 'Germany' in white ink and the numbers 20 and 233 in the mould. What is the company and when would the vase have been made?

[suerob   30/11/2010]

Hi I have a vase/jug that has "sole representative for british overseas import. Tha vase was made in Gapodimonte Italy. It has 2 gold handles and it has six ladies in the same dresses but different colours, very vibrant and they are raised. I hope i have explained enough as I dont know really how to. I would just like to learn the background of it. King Regards Jacqui Bagley

[geoffisaac20   30/11/2010]

I have some old wall vases and wondered if you could advise the best way to display them that does not take up space. It may sound odd but I don;t wan to drill holes in our walls!
Thanks Lyn

[cwtr33   26/11/2010]
A. Hi Lyn, I collect wall vases and they look best on walls. You just buy picture hooks and hammer them drilling required. If you want to move them a dab of filler in the hole and a bit of paint and your wall is new again. Be brave and once you start you will not want to stop.
[koorieflag   09/12/2010]

We recently inherited an old National Cash Register Model 215 (1912) from my wife's father.  It is bronze Fleur de lis pattern, with marble drawer top, and has a maximum sale key of only 4/-.   

In excellent condition, and wondering about resale value.

[bobnmas   23/11/2010]
A. Ive recently purchased a cash register in bad condition for $400 and I'm restoring it. Its hard to find any one in Australia that knows about them but I know ones in good condition go for $2000 in the US. Hope it helps.
[candace   31/08/2011]
A. Do you want to sell the cash register? Milton
[Vintagepos   27/04/2011]
A. Please put the serial number as that will give a more acurate age, any photo I think it is a narrow one and a friend of mine recently bought one for around $500 could be worth more. Email a photo to if possible
[Vintagepos   26/04/2011]



I am always happy to help in identifying any old bottles or jars you might have :) Even happier to pay the right money for examples I want for my collection. Please feel free to call me on 0437 390 054 anytime.



[bottlecollector   20/11/2010]

 Just want to ad. . .the Raynam vase has the original tan sticker, and is pearl white with hints of pink and blue.

[jacqui   17/11/2010]

 Anyone know what fan shaped Raynem vase is worth these days?

[jacqui   17/11/2010]
A. Unfortunatly not a lot, perhaps $15 to $30 Cheers, Kev
[hhome12   14/01/2011]

I have a small collection of whiskey decanters [Beam's Choice, Bell's, Johnny Walker and sundry other stoneware whisky jugs],also some complex glass decanters for liqueurs to sell or gift to collectors. I like these go to a loved home rather than to oblivion. Many thanks. Lorraine

[geoffisaac20   13/11/2010]
A. Hi Lorraine, I too collect Jim Beams, Bells, Johnny Walker and stoneware jugs; looking forward to son leaving home (again) so I can display them as they are now packed in boxes in the garage. Should you be interested in selling any pieces please let me know; I cannot pay a fortune as I'm on a pension but I also do not believe in ripping people off and if I cannot afford an item will tell you. Thanks, Terry
[oldie54   12/02/2011]

can anyone tell me about paintings by gaynor maclean. i came across an oil painting recently of a scene called peace in south africa?

[buffy.63   10/11/2010]

Hello I was wondering If anyone has got or has seen a magpie cigarette packet for sale lattley

[Commonsence22   30/10/2010]

Hello I was wondering If anyone has got or has seen a magpie cigarette packet for sale lattley

[Commonsence22   30/10/2010]

Hi I was wondering If anyone had a packet of magpie cigarettes for sale or do you no any where i could get 1 from please?

[Commonsence22   30/10/2010]
A. Forwarded for another member: re packet of Magpie cigarettes . How are you willing to pay? Brian
[geoffisaac20   08/03/2011]

 hi i have a swan brand products limited bottle26 onces(looks quite old ) & a swan brewery wooden beer crate .first bottles i have collected & curious about value.I have an excavator & unearth bottles all the time if any one could let me know of good 1s 2 look out 4 that would be great 

[huxy   17/10/2010]

Hi, I have a double deck of Lowndes West Indian Rum cards in box set, they made in Aussie, I am new to this , I was wondering where do I look to find out something about them? If you may know please I would like to know , Mim

[mim105   11/10/2010]

NIce collection, what year is the Matchbox truck (players)

[usedalot   09/10/2010]
A. Hello :p It isn't all that old, it says Copyright 1991 - although it was sold to me (online) as c1970's. It was suggested that it is unlicensed, probably a cheap rip-off LOL. Says it's made in Thailand.
[drevilscutie   01/01/2011]

 minature c hina shoes

[lorimer   08/10/2010]


I am a passionate collector of many years of OLD BOTTLES, fruit preserving jars and related collectables. I especially love the old softdrinks and pottery ginger beers, but do collect all categories. If you have anything you might not know about or are perhaps looking at selling, PLEASE contact me 0437 390 054 for any queries.


[bottlecollector   29/09/2010]


I have an antique bottle collection of about 180 bottles. We are moving overseas and won't have room for them. Can anyone tell me how go about selling them, or maybe someone is interested in them? I'm in Caulfield, Melbourne.

If you wish to know more please leave me your contact number and I will get in touch with you.



[Sellabella   18/09/2010]
A. Hi Leonie, Please call me on 0437 390 054 about your old bottles and we can go from there. Cheers
[bottlecollector   29/09/2010]

 Hi All,

I have a lamp of a donkey in a Mexican hat with cactus and carry basket.

Wooden pleated shade in good working order.
Height 310mm overall with donkey at 140mm.
It is from Galart Pottery Sydney, late 1950's - early 1960's.
I would like to know if it is of any value.
Can anyone help please.

[douggieuk   16/09/2010]

Does anybody have a VB beer bottle they put out 2002 for about a year. It was 800ml in size.

Willing to pay for one in good order, empty with label attached.

If so contact

[DESWOODY   09/09/2010]

can anyone identify this mark for me?

[copewith   03/09/2010]

can anyone tell me about the official stamped walt disney the haunted mansion plus others plate please as i have one and cant find anything about it and could u plz tell me how much they are worth it is in excellent condition

[chrisantan   02/09/2010]

just wondering does anyone collect bosley ware australian pottery from south australia 40s and 50s apparently.there doesnt seem to be much around,at moment im selling a small bosley ware marked pottery rabbit and im surprised at how much interest there is,price is getting very high,maybe theres not much around or,does anyone know why theres such a low supply or isnt it popular,saw even damaged pieces sell for high prices on ebay

[cactusmike   25/08/2010]

just about prices of english ceramics going down a lot mainly because of the internet,for example i go to many live auctions in perth,they have trouble selling modern moorcroft for anything over 500 dollars,looked at same bits on ebay they sell between 2-300 dollars,that moorcroft at these auctions they want 900 bucks plus talking 30cm high,also royal doulton struggles to sell plates sell for 30 bucks each,last auction a clarice cliff secrets large bowl mint condition sold for 350 bucks feel sorry for people who bought moorcroft pieces at retail prices,cant get a third of what they paid for it,just saw on ebay a moorcroft limited edition of 150 pieces about 10 years old sold for 300 aussie dollars,any feedback on live auctions on east coast would be appreciated,apparently good ceramics gets better prices in sydney,etc same for sterling silver,here in perth there selling 100 year old hallmarked pieces for 20-50 bucks any feedback would be welcome

[cactusmike   13/08/2010]

hi are there any camera collectors who would know about 35 mm cameras just came into possesion of a 40/50 year old camera i will bring in make and model no tommorow if you are a collectors was interested in finding more information on it,my email address is my name is andrew thanks. 

[carbuncle   13/08/2010]

hi  doll collector do you still have the dolls to give away .

i would be most happy to take your dolls and repair them plus pay the postage to tasmania  please let me know asap

regards zena a hall  tasslas ps have been a doll collector for many years

[taslas   11/08/2010]
A. Sorry, I have given the dolls away to a friend. All the best with your hobby, Gwen
[geoffisaac20   18/04/2011]

hi i hav 4 sale 20+ milk crates full of old bottles,i dont know what they are as they were left 2 me....all sorts,if interested i can send photos or just come around and look..ph0410269545 or

[cruzy351   07/08/2010]


[Bushwalker   07/08/2010]

I have a carlton ware cream jug passed down to me and i'm interested to know the value.

This jug is of hollyhocks pattern with a gold handle and trim around the top of the jug the pattern background is blue/green. The jug stands no more than 3inches and has what i would describe as a beehive shape, not straight up and down. the base of the jug has the carlton ware trade mark is made in England and has the numbers ./7472  3819painted on with what looks like the nuber 787 embosssed in the glase. It also has a gold w  painted. Sorry no photo but the jug is in mint condition.

Anybody able to help with a value?   

[61951   01/08/2010]

Looking for information about 13 inch vase/urn, "Chelsea Royal Pottery, Burslem, H&G, England" with lion on crown stamped on bottom. Cream and pink with floral, pink 4 inch neck, 2 ornate handles on side of neck. Any suggestions and value estimate. Thanks

[gdleah   30/07/2010]

Could anyone offer any information regarding my lamp?

Each piece is individually whittled and applied to the base.


[anelaide   30/07/2010]

Hi, I have 4 dolls that I do not want, they need repairs and I do not want any money for them, just to go to someone who might enjoy doing repairs. One is most probably around 1900, one 1940 and 2 1945. I hope they can find a good home. Gwen(on her belaf - Geoff)

[geoffisaac20   26/07/2010]
A. Hi my name is June I will take your dolls and fix them up if you like you can email me at or send them to june murphy 10 woorigoleen drive east keilor victoria 3033 thanks gwen
[daisey500   17/04/2011]

Hi,New to the BOWER scene,thought this would be the best place to ask does any one here have  or know of anything ALADDIN.Mainly after the lamps,heaters,or parts there of. Would anyone mind if I showed off some of my collection.

         Cheers Clone.06

[clone.06   23/07/2010]
A. Hi, I'm a long standing collector of (mainly) kerosene Aladdin table and hanging Lamps and would love to see pics of your collection if you wish to share them! Best wishes Kengal
[Kengal   10/09/2011]

I have a  1970

Fleetwood Mac  'KIln House'  LP in good condition.  Was wondering what I would sell it for.  If anyone could give me an idea.

[oblix   22/07/2010]

hi guys,

i have a full set of ANZ AFL FOOTY/CREDIT CARDS cards,framed and in mint condition. these cards each have the footy teams logo and team history as a background. they are unissued, have the name of MR JOHN CITIZEN on each card, and dated 1999. THESE WERE OFFICIALLY RELEASED ANZ VISA CREDIT CARDS.

what i would like to know is their value as a set as i would like to sell them, but not sure where to sell to right person

any imformation would be very much appreciated, thankyou


[chieftan69   20/07/2010]

How do you delet ads

[sheepnow   13/07/2010]
A. Hi - sorry just seen this - which ad do you want to delete? if it is in the MarketPlace section Login and find the item - click on it and you will see the option to delete it. If this does not answer your question please email me at
[geoffisaac20   11/08/2010]

I am assisting with the "clean up' of a deceased estate, and have a quantity of 'Avon' collectables to dispose of in central Victoria Your help would be greatly appreciated Paul Looby 54425590 Bendigo

[geoffisaac20   13/07/2010]

Ok Natalie, Thanks for your help. I shall continue searching my mystery items! Regards, Suze.

[Suze   12/07/2010]

Hi, Could anyone tell me what the 'B' Stamped on the underside of my uranium glass items stands for? Could it be Bagley? Thanks. Suze.

[Suze   12/07/2010]
A. I think Boyd Glass (American) was stamped with a B Ladysalt
[ladysalt   31/08/2010]
A. Sorry, can't say that I've noticed any B's on any of my pieces, and since Bagley didn't mark any of their work, the B would not signify Bagley. I'd be more inclined to be thinking Belgium. Regards, Natalie
[exislegirl   12/07/2010]

I have a limited edition club song record for esendon 1967 recorded in 3ba studios for the herald it has Smacka's version of the song it's in excellent condition, I believe it's extremely rare and I can't find any reference to it's  value. I have it up for auction on ebay under footy memorabilia esendon club song record 45. THE AUCTION ENDS AROUND 2AM THIS THURSDAY MORNING does anyone know about this record or its value ?.

[greentrends   06/07/2010]
CARNEGIE Ph.U.Y.6910" clear glass, one 
pint,cream bottle at parents property (
Goulburn Valley District, Victoria) and 
would love to know the history of such 
item, if anyone can assist
[geoffisaac20   05/07/2010]

Thanks Natalie for your reply. Regards, Suze.

[Suze   28/06/2010]

How strong is your UV lamp that lights up your display?  Am getting a new cabinet for my collection. Thanks. Suze.

[Suze   28/06/2010]
A. Hello Suze, the 2 metre tall shelved display uses two 64cm Black Light Fluro lamps mounted vertically to cover all 6 shelves. The lamps each use a 18W 26mm x 600mm black light fluorescent tube. I had the lamps made to measure by a guy on ebay with the user ID - rowdy135. If you are interested, you could try contacting him to ask if he still makes these lamps. He's a nice guy, and his products are priced fairly. Regards, Natalie
[exislegirl   28/06/2010]

Hi, I collect Uranium glass, mainly small trinkets, animals, etc. Was wondering if you have any for sale, and is your elephant vintage Boyd Art Glass for sale, and if so, how much. Thank you. Suze.

[Suze   28/06/2010]
A. Sorry Suze, I don't have anything that would be of interest to you, for sale. Regards, Natalie
[exislegirl   28/06/2010]

I have an Arzberg dinner set "Larissa" I put it on eBay and got quite alot of interest. Can anyone tell me the circa of the set and the value? Sally.

[sallydalleen   18/06/2010]

I am interested in old enamel petrol signs, from 1920s to 1950s, Shell-Ampol-Neptune-Atlantic-Texaco etc..If any members require any information on these, they are quite welcome to contact me (07-5488.0314)

[geoffisaac20   01/06/2010]
A. hi im sam from syd i sell old signs.send me yr email add i can send some pics regards 02 95299123 0419627621
[real7470   18/06/2010]

Anyone out there interested in a collection of vintage newspapers 12 British and 2 German all 1940's circa,and all War Headlines?,.

[silent hunter   26/05/2010]

Seeking expressions of interest,and information regarding a collection of some 14 second world war British newspapers {2 of,.German} that i have in my possession,.all 1941 to 1943 circa in very good condition,.and all war headlines,...any help would be greatly appreciated.

[silent hunter   25/05/2010]

Does anyone belong to the Wembley Ware Societyy?

Would love details.

[Ruby   21/05/2010]
A. Hi You can find a number and email address here at this link: Geoff
[geoffisaac20   14/06/2010]

Hi collectors. I have a photo and postcard record of someone's great holiday ... sailing out from Fremantle WA in June 1950.  There are 80 magnificent original postcards gathered during this journey, mounted with their own small black & white photographs. The ports along the way included Colombo, Aden, Port Said and Southhampton. They toured London and then many other English locations, plus Scotland, Wales, France, Germany and Switzerland. The postcards are some collector's dream! What would it be worth? Any info or offers to my email:


[Johnno Baker   16/05/2010]


[dizey   12/05/2010]
A. Some of the pieces were not signed- I have approx 500 pieces and about 10% are not signed
[shazcam   13/03/2012]

I have recently won a Pascall tin with a little black and white dog on the front. The seller informs me he has accidentally thrown it out. I would desperately love to find another one if anyone has one. The dog looks like a little Maltese terrier. I would gladly pay all costs. My email address is



[cathyw9118   10/05/2010]
Q. Hi i have a pair of blue delft earrings with a matching brooch , both the earrings and brooch are edged with filegree silver they appear to be very old there is a hallmark but i cant quiet read it any ideas to find the age and value ? thanks MrsReid
[MrsReid   09/04/2010]
Q. Trying to source an old lid from a fermenting cylinder. Any clues for where to start such a search? Many thanks.
[pigeon   09/04/2010]
Q. resin or marble budha very heavy item on the back has initials R.B. otherwise unknown does anyone know if this is worth anything or where it comes from it a gift over 20 years ago from a budha shop some where in brisbane.
[mousey   03/04/2010]
A. is there a picture you've uploaded?
[Cyrus957   25/02/2011]
Q. I am seeking info about a pocket watch,
[leathel   15/03/2010]
Q. I am seeking info about a pocket watch,
[leathel   15/03/2010]
A. I know a little about pocket watches. If you can supply details like make and engravings, case material, style etc or, better, a picture, i should be able to help. Cheers Rob
[the_jewelking   04/03/2011]
Q. Can anyone tell me about a wood inlay artist, Chrys Baumann, from Vienna, who operated from a studio in Randwick I guess in the 1960's /70's? I have a pair of inlay art pieces of aboriginal women by Baumann. Are they of value?
[trevordog94   15/03/2010]
A. I am also looking for information on Chrys Baumann however i am finding it very difficult. did you have any joy?
[DaniG   31/01/2011]
Q. Hi I have been left a collection of collectors stamp folders some have 1 stamp some have 2,3,4,&5 rangeing from early 1960's to 1990 all are in mint condition are they worth any thing thank you
[johnyc   12/03/2010]
Q. I have a 10 setting Acapulco Villaroy & boch Dinner set. I am wondering what to ask per setting?
[carolynnesam   12/03/2010]
Q. I have a curved glass,double ended babies feed bottle,interested to find out approx. value
[carolynnesam   12/03/2010]
Q. Hi can anyone help I have a set of 10 VFL discs that are like a penny to look at .They have the VFL logo on one side and each clubs shield on the other they are all dated 1981.I would like to know why they were issued,and whether they are collectables. Thankyou Lexie
[lexiemum   04/03/2010]
Q. Hi,does anyone know about a print by K Schellbach.About 1900 a young girl holding grapes.
[moogsta   20/02/2010]
Q. Howdy,could anyone assist me in tracking down a very rare (crystal or glass)not sure,Bundaberg royal liquor rum bottle.Not to purchase,only for verification purpose.cheers
[leethal1   18/02/2010]
A. Hi - I (Geoff who runs the site) received this reply to your question - I have one in its original box, minus the rum. Circa. 1990. What would you like to know about it. Please contact - Colin Jones
[geoffisaac20   19/03/2010]
Q. hi does anyone no where i can find a shape or pattern guide for studio anna.or imformation on there pottery.thankyou
[caty   13/02/2010]
A. Hi I found the easiest way to research any backmark is to search on the web for a history of Anna backmarks. It can be a daunting experience but a learning one. Cheers Berenice
[kitkat   14/12/2013]
A. You can borrow a copy from your local library. I just did last week.
[sloeffler   16/07/2012]
A. Hi Caty, If you buy The Peoples Pottery book by Dorothy Johnston it has a full shape catalogue and lots of info on Anna pottery. You can find it on ebay.
[koorieflag   09/12/2010]
Q. Hello - I have an old cedar deed box similar to yours and I was wondering what it may be worth approximately if I was to sell it? Your boxes are beautiful! Thanks and regards Kim.
[Kaceymegg   13/02/2010]
A. So sorry.. I haven't visited the site for ages and have only just seen your message. If you are still there.. it really depends on the age/state of the box. If you give me more details, I can let you know more.
[Shanti   31/05/2010]
Q. A Hi Porthos, I worked at Pates Potteries at Belmore for about 12 months in 1954-55 if I saw a picture I might be able to tell you a bit about it but as to it's value I have no idea I might be able to tell you what the name of it was that's if it was made when I was there I was in the store room. Regards Marie
[Marie   13/02/2010]
Q. i also have a collection of various tins all sorts tobacco oilpaint etc'
[brushboy   12/02/2010]
A. Hi brushboy,do you have a golden fleece (ram on the bone)quart tin in good condition...not too scratched up or dented? Cheers rickoshay
[   29/10/2010]
Q. any body out there interested in antique signs?i have a few and looking to sell.
[brushboy   12/02/2010]
A. what size laurel sign do you want
[davotheram   12/01/2012]
A. can you send pics with prices to cheers tom
[davotheram   12/01/2012]
A. Hi there, I'm new to this can you send me some photos? It might be best to cut and paste the address, that's "daniel" followed by the number "1074". Cheers.
[Katan1   30/08/2010]
A. Hello, Would you have any 'Mobil Laurel' signs in your collection?
[Lollaree   09/08/2010]
Q. Hello All, I have in my possession one Pates Potteries Sydney Australia vase and I know nearly nothing about it except for the information from the Powerhouse museum e.g. Description Vase, earthenware, Pates Potteries Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia, 1946-1960 Vase, earthenware, slip-cast, with a mound-shaped foot supporting a cornucopia-shaped vessel with ribbed sides and scalloped rim, two-tone glazed with a bluish-white glaze, gold abstract detail on both sides of body and foot, streaky gold highlight on the rim. Designer: Pates Potteries Pty Ltd; Belmore, New South Wales Maker: Pates Potteries Pty Ltd; Belmore, New South Wales; 1946 - 1960 Marks Printed mark "PATES / POTTERIES / SYDNEY / AUSTRALIA" under the base with the numbers 997 formed into the base. The Registration Number of an object is a unique identifying number applied by the museum at the point of acquisition. Current numbering format comprises the year of acquisition, followed by a sequential number. For example, '2007/45' is the Registration Number that represents the 45th acquisition in the year 2007. Registration number 92/934 Height 209 mm Width 165 mm Depth 108 mm Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial This text was copied directly off the powerhouse museum site and then altered to state exactly what I have. If any one can help me with a valuation or indeed any more information it would be greatly appreciated. Porthos
[Porthos   30/01/2010]
A. Hi Porthos, I worked at Pates Pottery in the fifties if I saw a photo of your vessel I might be able to tell you a bit about it. Regards Marie
[Marie   09/07/2010]
A. Best place to find a value is either ebay or Oztion, both have a good range of pottery and you type in Pates to the search function and see if there is anything similiar to yours. If not this week there will probably be something similiar next, I have seen just about every kind of pottery go through these 2 sites. Good Luck.
[huonbrook   12/03/2010]
Q. HI EVERYONE my name is lynne and i collect whitefriars glass and powell glass if anyone has any to sell let me know cheers and wonderful site
[ditzybitzy   30/01/2010]
A. I have 1 piece of Whitefriars. I might swap or sell,kind regards, Nick
[Jagman   13/01/2011]
Q. Hi, can anyone tell me where to go to find details of a book that I have. Its printed in 1695 and is called Instructions for the Whole Year part II for Sundays. Handwritten in the back of the book is ??? woodroffe born??? 13th 1739. Interested to know its origin.
[aussie   29/01/2010]
Q. I have some Austalian Hotel Sydney crockery that was purchased approx 25 years ago when the Hotel was closing and everything went to auction. I would be very interested to know if there is any value on these dinner sets as yet.
[aussie   29/01/2010]
Q. Hi, I have a 4" mug with a light blue glaze and it features an elephant with the trunk being the handle. Someone was selling one on ebay the same and called it martinware. Does anyone know if it is? I can't find any other reference anywhere.
[lindacp   28/01/2010]
Q. Hi,I have a Royal Doulton Dickens Ware plate,Sairsy Gamp D6327,in perfect condition.I also have a Cherry toothpaste,patronized by the Queen,John Gosnell & Co ltd London,lid only,any idea on there worth? Thank you,Belinda
[ellamuz   23/01/2010]
A. i see many of those dickens plates sold at auctions here in perth,they sell for 30-50 bucks each,in shops they ask a few hundred,mainly because of huge supply on internet,ebay mainly thousands of items,big supply makes price go down a mile
[cactusmike   13/08/2010]
Q. Hi I am interested in Maling pottery. I have a cake plate blue. It is a boat shape. (thumprint or eggshell pattern) It is numbered 6526A and has the castle printed on the back Estd 1762 Newcastle on Tyne England. Have looked up the Maling website and can't seem to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
[Woo Woo   18/01/2010]
[helly256   31/01/2010]
Q. Has anyone heard of a "Millers ink refiner"?
[kathleenjdog   15/01/2010]
Q. can anyone tell me about aluminium postacards??? how long were they produced and what is their value to today's collector cheers shane
[ONCE IN A BLUE MOON   14/01/2010]
A. Hi Shane I am no expert on this, but I think they were popular during a limited period in the first decade of the twentieth century. I remember reading that they eventually got banned by various postal services because the postal workers complained that they were getting cut by the sharp edges. At that point you start getting a lot of fake aluminium cards. I did at one point start looking at the cultural kudos of aluminium, and found that it was basically seen as a really sexy material during the period (not that the Edwardians would have described it in those terms!) so I think this is why postcard manufacturers were using it. Later, once every possible thing (and particularly cans) had been made of aluminium, people seem to have stopped seeing it as a futuristic material altogether and it just became part of the landscape. With regard to value, I see the odd one coming on the market in NZ, and they don't seem to make large amounts per se, which suggests that there are not too many fanatical aluminium card collectors. I think the value is likely to lie in the subject matter on the card rather than the card substrate itself. However this, like the rest of this comment, is an opinion and not fact!
[Ductus   10/02/2011]
Q. hello there, i have a few pieces of lefton, including egg cups, teapot, cookie jar. the egg cups have japan on them however the other items are blank, they are identical to the ones i have googled and dont have the green backstamp, is there a reason for this, is it these items if imported to canada or the usa require backstamps. can anyone help me, cheers trish.
[emubob01   11/01/2010]
Q. Hallo I am new here. I just put in advert but didnt do it right it needs to show Australian in title - how do I delete the advert please?
[malvina   04/01/2010]
A. Hi not sure where you put the ad? If you put it in marketplace - login and then select the collection from the top left hand viewer - MyCollecitons. Then select the item from the market place section - scroll down to see it. Then select Edit Item - you can ammend your entry here. Let me know if you added the item somewhere else. Geoff
[geoffisaac30   04/01/2010]
Q. Wanted to buy (australia) Ornately carved victorian walnut credenza /canterbury / whatnot BACK with or without mirrors. approx 120cm wide. Contact:
[rubberthumbs   04/01/2010]
Q. I have just joined also, in search for Figgjo pieces in the pattern named daisy,early 1970's. There seem endless pieces for other patterns in this brand around that time, but not so for Daisy.Any suggestions welcome. Thanks Dee.
[villanurse44   02/01/2010]
Q. Hallo collectors all Im a new boy joined today. Can anybody tell me how you know if a coca cola glass (stands about 10 ins)is genuine or a copy. Also any of you TIN collectors interested in a ciggies tin 'The Greys' Silk Cut Virginia. Can send photo. Thanks
[roysown   01/01/2010]
Q. I am searching for a Wedgwood Jasper Pin Plate which has a picture of a lady dressed in an Edwardian Dress wearing a bonnet - if anyone can assist with this item. Thank you and Regards Kaceymegg
[Kaceymegg   27/12/2009]
Q. Hi there - fabulous collection. I have been trying to find more info on Simpson's jewellery with no luck. I notice a number of people list Jewel Crest brooches as 'Simpson' even though there is only a Jewel Crest signature. Do you know if he was the only designer for Jewel Crest? Did he work for them at all? I read something that seemed to list them as individual companies. Hope you can fill in the gaps! Thx Linda
[kween   26/12/2009]
Q. I am looking for any football matches from the Victorian Football Association (VFA) that were shown on Channel 10. Any quality of the video recordings will be ok, as I will transfer to dvd.
[coachy   22/12/2009]
Q. i have an old stamp collection from stamps all over the world but australian. a stamp of the black penny remade in 1970 and a couple over a hundred yrs old a set of 15 indonesian stamps and old american ones but no one seems to be able to help me in anyway for information about them
[foxybrowser   15/12/2009]
A. if u go to your local library u should be able to borrow stanley gibbons catalogues if not your local stamp club let me know were u live a maybe able to help yours bob gooding email
[bobstamps   15/01/2010]
Q. Hello We have a full Darwin Stubbie in a gift box. Also have seven (7) full Fourex stubbies from the 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth games. What are they worth and where can I sell them.
[looking4ward0419   14/12/2009]
Q. Hi do you have any coalport plates still life please. Marj
[Marjory   09/12/2009]
Q. i have a udolpho wolfes schnapps bottle that i believe is pre 1900 any idea what it might be worth
[johnrobbo   08/12/2009]
A. Hi I have a green shnapps Wolfe with the label still attached and I bought it at a market collector for $12 as they said it is worth some money but not a huge amount. It is worth holding onto until prices change. Cheers Berenice (Kitkat)
[kitkat   17/12/2013]
A. Hi I have a green shnapps Wolfe with the label still attached and I bought it at a market collector for $12 as they said it is worth some money but not a huge amount. It is worth holding onto until prices change. Cheers Berenice (Kitkat)
[kitkat   17/12/2013]
A. Agree the Udolpho is the most common of them all EXCEPT if its brown they are a lot harder to get and worth a few $$$. Greg
[luckyboy   12/08/2010]
A. hi,out of all the shnapps bottles the udolpho wolfe would be the most common not hard to find at all and value wouldnt be much at all hope this helps,hampy.
[hampy   17/01/2010]
Q. What do you use to condition leather chairs? We have these leather chairs that are so dry and cracked, they even look moldy - any help appreciated
[geoffisaac20   23/11/2009]
A. cc
[geoffisaac20   14/05/2013]
A. leather conditioner
[geoffisaac20   14/05/2013]
Q. Hi I have a set of Royal Winton globe jugs in three graduating sizes in the Julia design. They were a wedding gift ot my parents in 1951. Two of the jugs have a small chip on the pouring lip. I would like to know how to get them repaired and also have them valued.
[nanna   18/11/2009]
Q. Hi to all, does anyone out there know much about a potter called Kevin Brereton? I know he had a gallery in Brunswick Head NSW in the 1970's & passed away in Canberra in 2008. I have a couple of his works.
[Flash   17/11/2009]
A. Geoff Ford (Encyclopedia of Australian Potters' Marks) says that he was born in 1933, and trained then taught at Prahan Technical College, Melbourne, before operating a studio at New Brighton, NSW, from 1962-1979. He signed his works with the painted name 'Brereton'.
[cerambler   15/01/2010]
Q. Does anyone know what a Mortimer Snead unopened Bourbon Bottle would be worth. In great condition
[kyliekeane   14/11/2009]
Q. i have a few 2000 olympic pins for sale where could i sell these ? 0412 442 068
[charlieray   07/11/2009]
Q. I have 2 Johnnie Walker bottles for sale, how can i sell them ? 0412 442 068
[charlieray   07/11/2009]
Q. i have an entire stamp collection for sale thousands & thousands including first day covers, mint, used every country just about how can i sell this ? any ideas
[charlieray   07/11/2009]
A. How much do you want Regards Amunhotep
[Amunhotep   08/10/2011]
A. u dont say were u live but have u tried a stamp shop or your local stamp club may also help u if u give me an idea were u live i could put u intouch bob gooding email
[bobstamps   15/01/2010]
Q. I have just bought a teapot from an op shop that looks amazing, it's black with Chinese paper lanterns on it hanging from bamboo leaves, it's blue inside and has "Crown Ducal Ware England RdNo706201 and other little squiggles including 8 and what seems to be a signature. I really need someones help because i am new to collection.
[SillyTeapot   04/11/2009]
A. Crown Ducalware was made byA.G Richardson & Co Ltd, Gordon Pottery, Tunstall, England. If the mark on your teapot has a crown above it... that is 'Crown Ducal Ware England' with a crown above it would be dated c. 1925. Sounds like a lovely piece. I am not familiar with Crown Ducal prices but I would take a rough guess at $100 plus. Happy Collecting!
[09sue43   13/03/2010]
Q. i got a plate from designer, R. USSIKKINON ,i was trying to see if it is worth anything and i seen a few on ebay but none of this one . On back it says : CHRISTMAS STREET WEIHNACHTSTRASSE Then has the name and a sign then it says : ARABIA FINLAND . But it has no date on it . Very beautiful and looks like the blue and white little plates on ebay . Has anyone heard of this plate ??
[jeremytre   31/10/2009]
Q. I have this big (29cm long 14cm wide and 16.5 cm high) plastic yellow pig money box. I think it could be from the commonwealth bandk but nothing says so on it. The only writing is inside a circle on the side saying "Cut here to remove coins" Could anyone tell me more information about itI will try to add a photo onto this site somehow. Cheers Brian 0403204320
[gumtree   29/10/2009]
Q. hi wendy f.... i am an electric jug collector and would be interested in viewing your collection that you have for sale
[holster   24/10/2009]
Q. i have a few pieces of plain coloured pastel dinnerware - meakin and johnson brothers - which i would like to add to. i assume they are from the 50s/60s and i really love the colours - i have quite a few bowls and side plates but struggle to find dinner plates to create a complete set- any ideas anyone? i don't really care if they are worth anything or what mark.
[katieshammas   14/10/2009]
A. you could try ebay. Just enter the name of your piece/s in the porcelain & pottery section, there are sometimes single pieces going quite cheaply
[09sue43   13/03/2010]
Q. l was wondering if you could tell me.The age and price of a cm brooke and sons lemos melbourne new york.reg in aust for all liquids and is triangle shape with rounded face,has m on bottom.thanks HAYZY
[hayzy   07/10/2009]
Q. any information on magic lanters
[mersin   27/09/2009]
Q. hi I am searching for some help with an asian vase that I have, seems very old but cannot understand back stamp due to being written in asian . description: It has a fight scene on it with swords and sheilds and has protruding from the neck of the vace brown dragons or lizards not sure , has crazing inside and out seems very old but again not sure. If any one can help I would appreciate it
[sue.rafferty   12/09/2009]
Q. HI, I have just bought a jug and I am not sure how to look it up.The stamp on the bottom just say's FOREIGN 280. Can anyone help? Thanks!
[winsong   12/09/2009]
Q. Hello tool collectors, I have a question. I own a 'Buffalo Forge' blacksmith's post drill. Its the hand crank wall mounted type with the ratchet pawl downfeed mechanism that operates during cranking the drill. It is in very good mechanical condition but somebody has sprayed it in a white paint (probably to protect it from rusting) My plan is/was to completely renovate it and give it a coat of paint. Will this be a mistake? I may then mount it in my shed and actually use it, just as I saw a knife maker using his just a few years ago. I am new to this and don't want to make a blunder.
[terrygoss   08/09/2009]
A. Hello fellow tool collector, I too have a "Buffalo Forge" wall mounted drill with an automatic feed system. Luckily, mine doesn't have any paint on it - it appears to be polished metal that I keep well oiled. It will rotate for about 20/30 seconds with one crank of the hand wheel. I have aquired a few of the flat sided drill bits for it and it will be a feature of my blacksmith's shop. I have also come across some old advertisements for this exact same drill in some 1911 magazines called the "American Blacksmith" If I can be of any help to you? please communicate through this site.
[jaques100   20/10/2009]
Q. does anyone know anything about old checkers/draughtsmen, i have a full set plus a few extra, put out by embassy..small round wooden ones, not sure of age.. thank you..
[shelby2000   06/09/2009]
Q. Hi, New at this, Just joined. Have an "Old Ballarat Bread Crock" in Excellent Condition in box. Is stamped on bottom and is original.No chips or cracks. Is it worth anything? Is anyone interested in purchasing it? Kris.
[krissy   06/09/2009]
Q. Hi, Have an old pink plasic "Dixibell" table margarine, 1 lb container in perfect nick. Is it valuable? Waht do i do now? Kris
[krissy   06/09/2009]
Q. Hi, am new at this. Have a "Half Imperial Gallon" B Seppell & Sons Ltd glass vinegar (I think) bottle, plus a smaller one. (1/4 of the size) both with grapes hanging from vine on the embossed on the front of them. Both with lids and in good condition. Could someone please tell me if they are worth anything? Or if anyone out there would buy them? Thanks Kris.
[krissy   04/09/2009]
Q. Hi Does anyone collect australian Pates pottery I have a large vase but would like to know more about this vase and the company in general.
[prisco_73   26/08/2009]
A. Hi I worked at Pates Pottery in the fifties there pottery was at Belmore NSW if I saw a picture of the vase I might be able to help you. Regards Marie
[Marie   09/07/2010]
Q. Hi I have a Besson Plate 8" dia called the Welsh Tea Party any ideas on value please Thanks Dee
[Denise53   20/08/2009]
Q. Hey I live in Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast (Qld). Does anyone know of other collectors in the region interested in getting together locally, or from Caboolture to Gympie? I collect mainly Edison Phonographs but have a lot of other early historical items regards Claude. please contact me at
[redrosa08   16/08/2009]
Q. hi there.I have a set of very similar decanter and glasses, but there set into a castle, would you know anything about, would love to learn more about it,,,cya!
[hoothoot2000   10/07/2009]
Q. Hi, I'm new to my bower and collecting. Just recently I have acquired a collection of 20 year old wines, How do I find out what these wines are worth?? Thanks.
[hissomarie   28/06/2009]
A. langtons will help.
[xcfalconute   27/03/2010]
Q. Hi, Just wondering if any one has ever seen or heared of "OUR CHIEF" tobacco??? I have a beautiful showcard from behind a super old religious picture.It has no makers name and no tin on the add,just a block of tobacco with "Our Chief" on a plug.There is a picture of a "Cameron clan Scottsman drawing his sword and an old wizard ,they are on top of a mountain!! Across the bottom in big letters it say's,"This Tobacco is only manufactured in America". Would love to hear anything ,as so far even an avid collector in the USA has never seen it!! It would seem as though this is very rare, we have been collecting for about 20 or so years and it's new to us ,it is also in near perfect condition. Look forward to any reply, Cheers Renai
[wicky7   22/06/2009]
Q. Hi Graeme. I have a reasonable collection of razors, quite a few Gillette but also have some nice Schick, Valet, Gem, Ever Ready, Empire, Wardonia, Enders and a cople of Rolls. Will put some photos on soon. I am in TARA Queensland and Email is Would like to talk razors with you. Regards Graeme Wood.
[Taratrade   05/06/2009]
Q. Hi. As I'm not a so called radio expert, but I do try and study and research the makes and models that I have, if there is anyone out there that can provide more information on any one of the radios featured it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
[ravenswood   27/05/2009]
A. Google up the hrsa
[Stromberg   04/01/2010]
Q. Hi everyone, My grandmother entrusted her collection of plates to me with a request to sell them to "someone who would appreciate them". If anyone's interested, they're all international, limited edition plates that are the first in their series. Alternately, if anyone can suggest a good place to sell seven collector plates... it would be appreciated. If you want to make an offer or want more information on any of the plates (they're listed in my bower) just email me (if you can do that through this website... I know I put my email address down when I registered) or post a reply to this question. Thanks! Lauren
[Lauren   20/05/2009]
Q. Do you have any old safety razors stored away that you would like to sell or trade,if so leave a message for Woody who WILL get back to you.
[Taratrade   19/05/2009]
A. Hi Woody, Do you have a preference of safety razors? Have many different varieties. Can you please advise your particular interest? Look forward to your reply. Graeme
[kingie48   01/06/2009]
Q. Did you know Adelaide recently formed a new Postcard Club Called Australain Postcard Club we have a web site on April 23rd we had r anugral meeting 41 people attended with 32 joining we printed a ziegher type postcard and aust post issued a counter printed stamp plus postmark a first i beleive for any club anywhere in the world yours bob gooding
[bobstamps   17/05/2009]
Q. Hello, my name is Leanne, I am a photography student studying at Griffith University QCA. I am currently doing a photography project, with "collectors" as my subject. I am seeking more participants for this within the next few weeks! I have already photographed two collectors from this site which were both very successful. Am hoping more will be willing to help! The photographs will feature the collector with their collection, in the end I only need one photograph for the project. Hoping to photograph all sorts! If you are interested and live within the Brisbane area please contact me on: All photos will be given free! Thank you Leanne
[leeleejd   15/05/2009]
Q. Does anyone know how to clean the surfaces of tins (ie: Tobacco tins) without damaging it and what the best methods to remove rusting? Should anything be applied to protect the tin? Thanks!
[drevilscutie   27/04/2009]
A. vaseline applied to the tins will remove the rust colour and will also bring out the colours of the tin and help preserve them.
[antique.junque   15/05/2009]
Q. champion spark plug tins ? what are they worth? also a cascade botttle very old with glass marble in neck what would that be worth?
[edgie   26/04/2009]
Q. Can anyone tell me the origin of DOMAY ceramics?
[trevordog94   24/04/2009]
A. Domay was the name given to a line of slipcast ware designed by Dorothy Hope in the 1950s and mainly sold through David Jones. She employed a small staff to do the casting and fettling but found the administration dull work, so she wrapped up the business in 1962 and left Sydney to set up her Thrumster Village Pottery near Port Macquarie. This is from her biography, Impressions in Clay, published in 1990.
[cerambler   01/11/2009]
Q. Hi I am wanting to buy Jim Beam bottles
[Lippypip   20/04/2009]
A. I am currently cleaning up a deceased estate and there are about 10 all up. George and Martha Washington plate decanters,two wall mounted telephones, a large car, Capt Cook's discovery of Hawaai, an Apaloosa (has a hairline crack on its head). These are the only ones I can remember off the top of my head.
[porcelinia   16/09/2010]
A. I have an unopened Jim Beam (sailor and child) decanter. 1980 Regal China, no:145
[pete   29/05/2009]
Q. Hi does anyone else collect Dreamtown by Johnson brothers of England? I am always on the lookout for pieces of this pattern for my mum,i am after the multicolored green.Does anyone know how i can find out what pieces this pattern came in?I believe that there is a book out about Johnson Brothers pottery but i am having trouble finding one.
[dragonfly   17/04/2009]
A. Hi, the book is called Johnson Brothers Dinnerware Pattern Directory & Price Guide. You may be able to find a copy at a good bookstore. reference(ISBN: 0963868918 / 0-9638689-1-8). Good luck with your search.
[cooka   28/04/2009]
Q. Hi I have a large collection of Coca Cola diecast cars and trucks that I would like to sell they are from the USA AU and UK if interested contact me @ Thanks
[carllector   16/04/2009]
Q. Hi Everyone joined today have a ? Wedgewood & Co ltd, 1959-1957, Avolon Series, Trade Mark 547269,Unicorn Stamp, With Gold initial
[cyprus   14/04/2009]
Q. Hi Everyone just joined today and l have a ? Wedgewood & Co Ltd trade mark 547269 Avalon Series Dinner Plates Red Beautiful patten Unicorn stamped and gold initials on it in Gold 1957-1959 would anyone know some info on these dinner plates
[cyprus   14/04/2009]
Q. Is there another collector of vintage safety razors like Gillette and jem etc. interested in making contact. If you are not a collector and have a vintage saftey razor you would be happy to part with please let me know. Regards Graeme Wood.
[Taratrade   03/04/2009]
A. Hi Graeme,(Glad your name is spelt correctly) Would love to make contact with a fellow collector, particularly GILLETTE razors as this is my main interest. Very hard to get to mmet fellow collectors of shaving gear. Please send me an email, Cheers, Graeme
[kingie48   01/06/2009]
Q. I have this bottle of champange i have done a lot of searching for another one the same wich i found on e-bay italy it was bidding at 600euro wich is about $1200AU AND STILL GOING SO IM THINKING OF SELLING MY BOTTLE IS THERE ENEYONE INTRESTERD IN IT IF SO CONTACT ME ON or it will b going onto e-bay ty
[gruntly   01/04/2009]
Q. where would be the best place to sell a girard perregaux ladies diamond watch
[watcher   29/03/2009]
A. I think your best hope would be to take it to a well known auction house.
[minnie   12/06/2009]
Q. Take a close up photo on your mobile phone then transfer it on to you computer
[Patrelli   22/03/2009]
Q. I have a set of Sydney 2000 mascot cans that I want to sell. Does anyone know where I can find out how much they are worth? Email Julie Thanks for the help.
[chrulie   07/03/2009]
A. Hi Julie, Unfortunately those cans were made in their millions, plus they are not old enough to really be of any great value. You may get $15 - $30 on eBay for them. I have around 40 sets of them, and will keep them for another 10-15 years and use them as traders then. Hope that helps. regards, Mike
[mmmmmcoke   10/03/2009]
Q. I have an old 200ml glass Brownes Cream bottle ,whatkind of price would I put on something like this?
[glenda   05/03/2009]
A. Are they round or square? contact me on
[gdaygday   30/08/2010]
Q. I have a 1959 Webesters Dictionary,looks like an old Bible? are these worth anything to a collector?
[glenda   05/03/2009]
Q. Looking for info. and feedback on my Carabine Single fin that has been converted to a 3 fin. Could this have been done before the Thruster turned up on the scene? Great example of a backyard inovation period surfboard.
[Wombat   02/03/2009]
A. Yes this was done way before the time of thrusters and even Bonzers which Peter Townend brought to Australia. I seem to remember Patrick or Kevin Parkinson making tri fins in 1970's under the brand cybernaut they were very similar in shape to the modern day thrusters the side fins were more or less semi circular in shape and were smaller than the centre fin which was the conventional shark fin shape these boards were ridden by the Bulli boys and really suited the steep take off at Peggies
[A Jay   13/12/2011]
A. hey wombat, I reckon there's a chance this improvisation might have been inspired by the recent, though patchy, arrival of californian bonzers from around 1973. Terry Cooper at South Coast Surfboards was building them at that time although they were a lot more complicated with channels and off set fins... Geoff Kater of surfresearch would be keen to know about this beast.
[garycrockett   25/06/2010]
Q. I have an Australian stamp which I am having trouble finding anything about. It is the old style blue ink and white/paper contrast, it has 11d on it with the d slightly elevated and a full stop under it, there is a pic of a bandicoot on it however it is printed at the bottom 'rabbit' with the word 'bandicoot' under it. I can assume it is from around the 1928 era, as it was in the side of an old sewing maching I bought which was dated 1928. I have tried to take a pic however trying to photograph a stamp in detail is very difficult mostly due to the flash. Can anyone help me with information about this stamp?
[brontip   25/02/2009]
A. Bad news from my father I am afraid! "Issued 1959 SG Catalogue no 319 for sale from them at .15p so value from a collector 5cents if he was lucky."
[geoffisaac20   19/03/2009]
Q. Hi to all i have just joined to day.And just like to say hi from BOB.....
[mavrick*3447   21/02/2009]
Q. is there anyone with any idea re these jugs
[wed57   19/02/2009]
Q. Any information anybody has about the items in my collection would be much appreciated
[   16/02/2009]
A. Wedgewood & Co Ltd 1957 Reg Trade Mark No 547269. Gold Initial, AVAON IS THE SERIES fine bone china, what is the price of them today
[cyprus   13/04/2009]
Q. I have recently aquired the 3 sydney olympic Wedgwood figurines if any one can give me any information at all on these I would appriciate it.
[clutter   02/02/2009]
Q. i am wandering if anyone can help me with what a set of 21 series 1 essendon tin collectable cards in box and in mint condition wich is marked with 1993 afl is by classic collections. has all players marked on end of the tin containing the cards and the cards have thye picture and name of player on 1 side and information on the other side about the player. any help would be gratefully appreciated thanks
[ezza   30/01/2009]
Q. Hi, I have a Grindly Platter called "The Shelmerdene" I would like to know its history age, value etc. Regards Lorraine
[crystalhorder   30/01/2009]
Q. i am wandering if anyone can help me with what a set of 21 series 1 essendon tin collectable cards in box and in mint condition wich is marked with 1993 afl is by classic collections. has all players marked on end of the tin containing the cards and the cards have thye picture and name of player on 1 side and information on the other side about the player. any help would be gratefully appreciated thanks
[ezza   28/01/2009]
A. Hi if you follow the link below and press pre 1994 on the left hand side, then scroll down you will see a link on the LH side to the set. once clicked it will give you details of the set. there are 21 metal cards to the set and they are numbered according to the number they wore on the jumper. I hope this helps regards Greg
[krusty57   14/08/2009]
Q. am interested in ansley teasets of solid colour with pink rose inside edge of cup. Can anyone tell me what this pattern is called. Also have Ansley black teaset with pink rose on outside of cup once again looking for name of pattern.
[floss   27/01/2009]
A. Hi, Many Aynsley patterns don't have names. There should be a number underneath the pieces. If it has a name, you might find it by looking for the number on - go to China section, and select Aynsley, John (check your spelling). There are also two guides on ebay where you can find some more information.
[bonofoz   13/11/2010]
Q. I Have just joined and need info on a compleat dinner set by g&j meakin , It is black and white spot. it was given to me and I would love to know more about it . It is two sets in one i think as it has tea pot and coffee pot plus the compleat set of table setting .
[jonjo067   27/01/2009]
Q. Can anyone help identify my Mickey Mouse tin? See the collection in Disneyana
[sunshine007   19/01/2009]
A. Hi there, I had one of these tins when I was about 10. (I am now 56!) The tins were produced with different scenes on the lid and came full of sweets. I got mine from 'Santa' and I believe the idea was to use as a school lunch box. Hope this helps. Regards Chris Filer
[Chris Filer   10/06/2009]
Q. HI everyone...just joined this site today..come across by i am looking for anybody who collects Furbies who may be interested in giving them a loving if anyone has any Russ Bears;Care Bears and Elmos they want to offload as i collect them...regards Wytewulf
[wytewulf   19/01/2009]
Q. I would like to know how I could get my collection valued please , any advice would help
[matt   17/01/2009]
A. try figurines-sculpture they have I believe 28 specialists & try to take it from there Zowie
[zowie phillips   19/11/2011]
Q. A friend has a Hasbro Voice-activated,interactive, Star Wars R2-D2 electronic toy that he wants to identify. The ony numbers visible,on the base, are 60801. No idea of the provenance,nor does it have an instruction manual,however it is somewhat random in responding to voices and movement nearby. It "speaks",moves and can go dormant and re-activate unexpectedly. The robot is approximately 12 inches/300 mm tall. On the Hasbro website I have found only what appears to be a hand-manipulated,smaller R2D2 and no apparent clue to help find any info @ this model. Do you have any idea? Thanks,Lawrenceagogo
[lawrenceagogo   10/01/2009]
Q. I am interested in purchasing a J& G Meakin blue nordic dinnerset as shown in the wanted section.does anyone have one and interested in selling.
[dawn   05/01/2009]
Q. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any items to do with orphanage history. Badges, buttons, annual reports, photos, personal stories, items . I have established a nationl orphanage museum and hoping to get more items . Thank you for your interest. oniepony
[oniepony   04/01/2009]
A. could you please tell me where the museum is located. i currently work in a service that used to be an orphanage. would love to hear from you thank you
[SparkleAngel   16/05/2009]
Q. Hi i have just joined you site and love it i have some pates pottery.What price range are they gong for.As i have 3 with luster finish.
[michelle61   03/01/2009]
Q. I have a large collection of tins mainly tobacco that i would like to sell ,email for info if interested want to get rid of all, few hundred i would think , what sort of value on these sorts of tins ,? Muckeye
[Muckeye   28/12/2008]
A. Hi Muckeye, do you still have the tobacco tins for sale? Are you able to email me with either a list of the tins and/or photos? I also have a large collection, mainly looking for ones I don't have but may be interested in getting the lot from you. Thanks, Jo
[drevilscutie   02/05/2009]
A. Hi.interested in tins, my email is thanks, regards amexon
[amexon   21/02/2009]
A. Hi, please email me at i am interested in tins. Cheers
[mattcatt   15/01/2009]
Q. gday goeff, thanks for the reply, i think i have worked out the little glitch, but is there a way of erasing the two "no Picture" sections on the front page of my bower?? many thanks adrian
[cardscout182   28/12/2008]
A. Hi - sorry missed this one. At the moment you can't delete empty collections - you can rename them and change where they live (Category and/or Period) but you can't remove them. I will get this fixed in the next round of development - geoff
[geoffisaac20   06/01/2009]
Q. Where can you get a Pin Collectors Case from and how much are they?
[spollydolly   14/12/2008]
A. hello, have you tried they should have them, the lady's name is Pam, just say that Nick told you, cheers
[rugbyleaguebadges   13/03/2011]
Q. Hi: I'm trying to find Australian Pokerwork here. Where do I click on?
[zaky   11/12/2008]
A. Try typing in australiana or australian wood or just australian I see poker work on eBay all the time Its ALWAYS worth ticking the INCLUDE ITEM DESCRIPTION box, that one takes you to all sorts of wonders
[alleyes   31/10/2009]
A. You'll find Pokerwork scattered around Ebay. If you use the general term Aboriginal it will throw up ALL the latest listings. Sellers rarely use the word pokerwork in the title or description mainly because they don't realise that is the correct terminology. I used to work in Aboriginal Arts and Crafts for Maruku on Pitjantjatjara lands and have some lovely poker work animals including my fave a Bat. Start your own Poker work bower and I'm sure other fans will stop by. Marian
[dumberdash   19/08/2009]
A. Hi don't have a section yet - if you want to start one I will add a category in the Australiana section. best wishes Geoff
[geoffisaac20   27/12/2008]
Q. PLEASE!!! someone help me upload my photos, they keep coming up with a small red cross in the middle and no actual picture, i follow all instruction, getting frustrated, thanks adrian
[cardscout182   08/12/2008]
A. Sorry you are having problems loading pics. I run the site - happy to help if I can. Please email the pics to me for a quick solution and I will add them to your account. Can you tell me details of your set up - PC or Mac, IE or Firefox (and what version if known) to help get to the bottom of the issue? Thanks Geoff
[geoffisaac20   27/12/2008]
Q. Why don't petrol companies offer these any more?
[geoffisaac20   30/11/2008]
A. I remember Shell had a collector card book on Sea Shells when I was a girl...I can't even remember the last time I saw a Shell Petrol Station!
[spollydolly   14/12/2008]
Q. re English Pottery jugs:I was hoping someone out there may have seen similar pottery or know anything about the artist who made these, also does anyone know what the marks on the bases of these jugs means.Sincerely wed57
[wed57   22/11/2008]
Q. i have a 1989 coke ghostbusters 2 "ghost in a can". i'd like to know how collectable it is as i haven't seen another referenced
[kezza   14/11/2008]
[clutter   15/09/2008]
A. I have collected a large collection of Lalique. Some of my pieces are rare and I have never seen them on e-Bay or else where. I have a collection of bowls, vases, figurines, perfume bottle. Most of them are in mint condition in the original box, with tags and all. All Lalique pieces have a name, here are a few names, 1. Elizabeth, footed goblet 2. Saint Nicholas ash tray, pin holder 3. Andromeda vase 4. Honfleur bowl 5. "Le Raison" picture frame in crystal and wood 6. Lalique beer glasses, a pair 7. Tray for pens or pencils on a desk 8. Quail figurine, pheasant figurine 9. Large serving bowl 10 Plumes vase 11. etc. Professor J. Tellez
[Jesus   29/12/2008]
Q. I am trying to find out information on a new chelsea staffs tea set I have been given. Got any ideas on where to find anything.
[Resplendent   12/09/2008]
Q. Hi how long have you been collecting to get such a huge collection?
[geoffisaac20   17/06/2008]
A. Not Long, I had them passed onto me.
[usedalot   16/01/2009]
A. Hi Used to Play with Matchbox when I was a kid in The old country, I left there in 1966 and forgot all about them, I went back for a visit last year and my Uncle had been collecting them for me for the last 40years or so.
[usedalot   18/06/2008]
Q. gday all collectors, does anyone know of a club that deals in tin collecting as we have over 800 tins and want to meet others who collect tins, any help would be great . thanks and happy collecting. pete
[paulaandpete   13/05/2008]
A. I've been collecting tins for quite a while now, but haven't heard of a club just for tinnies. Why don't you start one up using this venue. I'd be happy to join. Carolyn
[suzy   29/07/2009]
A. Hi Pete, do you have any tobacco tins? Thanks, Jo
[drevilscutie   02/05/2009]
A. Hi Pete (and other fellow collectors), try this website - it has a list of clubs and a calendar of events Australia wide for all sorts of collectables. Cooka
[cooka   30/01/2009]
A. Hi Pete tin collector, I all so have over 800 tins and would like to contact others. I'm in Perth WA. Kind regards. Chris.
[trumptown   09/08/2008]
Q. Do You have any Diana electric jugs?
[koorieflag   22/04/2008]
A. No I don't, but there is one on ebay at the moment.
[GS_AUS   23/04/2008]
Q. Wanted to buy Electric jugs
[GS_AUS   21/04/2008]
A. hi. what type of electric jugs are you looking to buy i am a collector myself and have several rare doubles i would consider selling or trading 0438262985
[holster   04/05/2011]
A. hi is your jug still available for sale maurie
[holster   02/11/2009]
A. Hi. I have an old electric jug. It belonged to my father who is in his 80's. The lid is a little warpped. ie does not sit flat. 240 volt-1650W Model No. EEJ I-AC only APP. No. N550 The next lot of lettering seems like- -UE ---Y BY FOWLER Z JARS(thats what it looks like?)It is only a small jug about a 3 cuppa. Hope this helps your collection. Cheers. Kris.
[krissy   04/09/2009]
A. Hi I have a whole collection I'd like to sell. Being new to this site I have no idea what to do now??!!. Cheers Wendy F
[Wendy F   10/07/2009]
Q. Are you selling these items? I am interested in the bronzes if you are - can you give price?
[Robert   20/04/2008]
Q. Wanted to buy any Hebb pottery.
[GS_AUS   10/04/2008]
Q. Is Martyn Boyd and Guy Boyd the same person?
[geoffisaac30   07/02/2008]
A. Martin was Guy's uncle, not his brother.
[cerambler   09/09/2008]
A. Martin was a writer not a potter. Guy set up the Martin Boyd Pottery in Sydney with partners Norma and Leonard Flegg in 1946. He transferred his interest in the pottery to Leonard’s brother Ronald in 1951 and went back to Melbourne where he ran a new pottery, the Guy Boyd Pottery, from 1952-1964. Meanwhile the Fleggs continued to operate the Martin Boyd Pottery in Sydney until 1963.
[cerambler   13/07/2008]
A. No They are different people. (brothers)
[Collectors Delight   26/06/2008]
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